PeN is the only social network that works with or without internet connection. When internet connection is available you can use typical social media features such as Timeline Post, Friend Feeds, Instant Messaging, Voice and Video Calls. When you are offline messages are delivered by SMS for free while voice calls are delivered by the mobile network ensuring the communications remains available all the time.

2 - free calls

PeN also provides limited Free Voice Calls to any number and Free unlimited SMS to any number, anywhere in the world including international destinations.

4 - locate friends
With PeN, get in touch with your friends and family anytime, anywhere for free. Locate friends and share real-world moments with Spot. Post pictures, updates in Social Media using Social Feeds.

6 - security

More importantly ensure Personal Security and Safety anywhere with SOS. You can list friends and family to receive personal emergency messages together with your location and see who can respond closest by time and location. When ever you feel unsafe somewhere in the big city and feel threatened use Make a Scene to attract attention and as a deterrent. During real emergencies press the single button emergency call and it will route your call to the correct emergency number anywhere in the world.

3 - visit places
With Places, you can discover great places to visit, places you really want see, where you can shop for your personal style, where you find your favorite food and activities that tailor made your lifestyle.

11 - events
We are revolutionizing the simple pen, with advancement of technology the simple pen is no longer just for writing but is now for multi-faced communications. In the past we used it to write or draw and communicate, now it can do a lot more including making phone calls, share content and interact in the real world.

PeN is a Social network and Instant Messaging application that combines the simplicity of instant messaging and the reach of Social Media with Free Voice, SMS and video services to any number and to your PeN Pals. Like most instant messaging applications it allows sharing of information and like any social media application it enables publishing any content allowed in social circles.

PEN is designed with the ideals of simplicity and is continuously being improved to provide a better user experience. Basic functionalities includes:
– Chat
– Voice Calls
– Photo Sharing
– Video Sharing
– File Sharing
– Location Sharing
– Post to Social Media
– Video Calls
– Discover and Locate Friends
– Personal Safety and Security
– Crime deterrent and prevention
– Discover great places

Chat with a friend or groups. Send a message even when user is offline. Send photos, videos, contact, location and even files to other users.

Send a message or files even when user is offline.

Free calls to any number.

Enjoy free calls to any number.

3 - penspot

Spot your friends’ location or share yours.







5 - communities

Browse PEN Communities to get in touch with your favourites.



6 - sos

With SOS feature that lets you personalized an SOS Team or a one tap make-a-scene button.

Your own feed where you can post your thoughts, photos, memories or location.

Post to your own feed and share it to your friends.










Discover places or things to do based on your profile interests.

Discover places or things to do based on your profile interests.

Create multiple accounts.

Create multiple accounts.

Enjoy more of the app by downloading it on Google Play. Click 'Download' now.

Enjoy more of the app by downloading it on Google Play. Click ‘Download’ now.