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Merendina goût Raibi fait le buzz quoique….


Le goûter favori des marocains, j’ai nommé Merendina et Raibi Jamila se sont mariés pour donner naissance à Merendina goût Raibi.
En effet, on aurait cru à un co-branding de Bimo et Centrale Danone. C’est ce qu’a affirmé la branding manager de Raibi Jamila “”Il s’agit d’un lancement de Bimo seul. Raïbi Jamila n’est pas concerné.”
La société Bimo a donc ajouté à son produit phare Merendina une crème à la grenadine qui rappelle le goût du célèbre Raibi Jamila. Les consommateurs semblent conquis…

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How many times have you encountered real-life emergency situations? These days, when nowhere is safe, it is important to know who to call when danger arises.

In the Philippines, a group of hunks can rescue you during times of distress!

Meet the ‘Gymers’ , a quick response team who are just a call away! They are not just a certified rescue team but bodybuilders at the same time.

Around the year 2011, these hunks were enjoying their free time in the gym when they thought of a great idea. They wanted to do something more productive that can benefit a lot of people. Hence, the creation of the ‘Gymers’ club was finalized.

They are volunteers who can rescue anyone during natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods or any kinds of accidents such as fire and other road rages.

They also submit themselves to ensure safety during big and populous events. They act as marshals, bouncers and even motorcade safety guides.

Not everyone can join this exclusive club. It takes a lot of heart and courage to be bestowed a membership from the ‘Gymers’ club. Well, aside from needing a buffed-up body, ‘Gymers’ don’t accept any kind of payments from anyone. They are professionals from different fields who seriously undergo rescue certifications and training to help and reach out during disastrous events.

Mr. Teddy Malacad, their president, leads the team with the help of his vice-president, Mr. Aldrin Almacin. The organization is SEC approved, simply conveying an all-legitimate operation.

They conduct weekly trainings for their members including ICS,First Aid and Fire and Safety Drills. They also make sure they know the basics of bandaging and CPR.

These toughies certainly know how to use machismo. They may be alluring with too much masculinity but still maintains a good purpose for the society. They don’t accept payments but a ‘thank you’ is not enough for heroes like them.

Perhaps let us all pay it forward with one good deed everyday?

‘Gymers’ can’t be thanked enough for all their efforts. Kudos to the team for being brave examples that not everything is reciprocated by material wealth. In your case, a fulfillment of your passion through rescue and volunteerism!

Well done, ‘Gymers’!

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I am not much of a runner because I have a different sport. But to be honest – I am planning to engage myself into some running because of obvious reasons (I need to shed off pounds). Perhaps, I might consider joining this year’s Isla ng Catanduanes Marathon simply because – you will not just run, you will be able to see the amazing beauty of the island.

If you haven’t registered yet, here are some few details you need to know.



– 110km – Bib, Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Trophy, Finisher’s Shirt, Certificate and Post Meal
– 65k – Bib, Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Trophy, Finisher’s Shirt, Certificate and Post Meal

Note: Top 3 Male and Female of 110km and 65km

Gun Start Time:
-110km – 10:00PM, October 20, 2017
-65km – 04:00A.M., October 21, 2017

Cut-off times
-110km – 24 hours
-65km – 14 hours

Rules and Regulations

– All participants must be at the starting area 2 hours before the gun start.

Mandatory Gears:
110km Runners
– reflectorized vest
– hydration bag
– headlamp or flashlight
– aid kit
– snacks
65km Runners
– reflectorized vest
– hydration bag
– headlamp or flashlight
– aid kit
– snacks

Other Reminders 
– Participants should be 18 years old and up
– Race Bib must be visible at all times
– Motorcycle and Bicycle are strictly prohibited. Support is optional. Just in case you have your support vehicle, it must be registered with the race organizer. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
– Support Vehicle must be always at the right side of the runners.
– Runners and support crew are not allowed to litter; anyone caught for this will lead to disqualification. Let us all help preserve the island
– Support Vehicle and crew will not follow the runner at all times ( shadowing)
– 110km and 65km participants will run in an open traffic
– Runners are required to run at the left side of the road for safety reasons
– Runners who want to leave the race or want to discontinue must notify the race officials.
– Runners are not allowed to enter his support vehicle
– Runners are allowed to sleep only outside the support vehicle
– All Runners must follow the correct route
– Runners must run in single file
– Pacers are not allowed
– Registration fee is non-Refundable and non-Transferrable
– The organizer will provide aid stations along the route. (Distance of Each Station – TBA.)
– Every participant MUST finish his leg within the cut-off time but can still continue to run
– Those who finished the race within the cut-off will receive Finisher Shirts, Finisher Trophies, Medals and post- race meals.
– Organizers have the right to remove any participant from the race either because of cheating, not following rules or due to medical emergencies.
– Top Finisher for 110K and 65K both Male and Female (Champion, 1st and 2nd Runner-up) will receive A Podium –trophy and entitled to a free slot in next year’s edition of ICUM 65k|110k (2018).
– Claiming of race kits and race briefing date, place and time(TBA)
– The event will take place (Rain or shine).
– The 110k distance is open to all who finished several ultra – marathon distances.

 Note: The organizer may require you to submit copies of finisher and medical certificates when necessary. Medical certificates are required to submit for safety purposes.
– The 65k distance is open to all who finished at least one (1) marathon or ultra-marathon. First timers must submit their medical certificates for safety purposes.

Note: The organizer may require you to submit copies of finisher certificates if there’s any. Medical certificates are required to submit for safety purposes.
– All the participants MUST sign the WAIVER before the race.
– Race kit claiming date and venue (TBA)
– Be prepared and don’t think it would be an easy feat, but it will be a fun and outstanding adventure.
– There will be no cash prizes for the top finishers.
– ICU Organizer, at any time, may make changes on the course and race details or rules for the benefit of all runners.
– Runners caught cheating or violating the race rules will be subject to outright disqualification. The Race Organizer’s decision is final.
– Enjoy the race. Run if you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just don’t QUIT!
– Register now, limited slots only for the 110KM and 65KM.
– Good luck and hope to see you!For more information, you may contact
0909 825 6457 | 0999 902 8886

or email at

All information is obtained from here


Planning to join the event, make sure you download PeN to stay on track and to keep you safe all the time.

Download the PeN here for iPhone users and here for Android user

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