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What to Do When Your Credit Card/ Debit Card Got Hacked? – Holiday Crimes

What to Do When Your Credit Card/ Debit Card Got Hacked? – Holiday Crimes

Just the other day, a good friend of mine sent me a message because well – their debit card was hacked! Darn it. I know this crime happens all year round, but the number of cases catapults during the holiday season. Maybe, it’s a high time for us to give you our recommendations on what to do in such scenarios – or general tips on how you can avoid it.

I just read this now. “Avoid using your debit card ever!” Well, this makes sense. You might as well pay in cash if you have it already. My friend used their debit card and when they backtracked what happened, they remembered that the person from the cashier pretended to drop their card – straight to the drawer. Possibly, that’s when the card details were stolen using a device.

Next time, always keep your eye when your card is about to get swiped. Make sure you can see it. If they are doing it in a place where you can’t have access or at least monitor it, be very cautious! If you can request them to do the transaction where you can check everything – so be it. It is your right!

Change your password frequently! I suggest that you schedule your password change. Do it as frequently as possible and keep a secured file where you can access it (you know, in case you forgot the new one).

Make it a habit to check online. Always check your transactions by creating an online account. My friend was able to trace back transactions which they did not do just by logging into their online account. This shall speed up the investigation.

Link it to your email or your mobile number. Or, if you do not have an immediate access to your internet you can always link it to your mobile phone. Every transaction made will be sent to your number and once you are notified by something erroneous, you can easily block the card.

Buy an RFID- proof case. Criminals can have a more advanced technology to scan your cards. You might want to double up your security by buying an RFID-proof case.

And if for some reason it still happens to you, CALL THE BANK IMMEDIATELY and BLOCK YOUR CARD. Subsequently, change all your passwords may it be your email, social media accounts etc. Who knows if the culprit is already stealing your entire identity.

I am not here to scare you. But I want you to be always safe. Sad to say, there are people who would do such crimes and what you need is to be proactive. Do not let them win. Share these tips with your families and friends.


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Lumières sur Mahdi Benatia

Lumières sur Mahdi Benatia

Lumières sur Mahdi Benatia

Le joueur marocain Mehdi Benatia continue de briller à plus d’un niveau, méritant des éloges à la fois nationales et internationales.

Benatia a marqué un but la semaine dernière contre l’équipe Crotonia,durant la ligue italienne, donnant ainsi une victoire à la “vieille dame”.

Avec ce but, Mahdi pourrait aussi prendre le titre de meilleur joueur du match par le site de “Hoscord” qui lui a donné une note de 8,9 sur 10.

Au niveau national, Benatia est fière que son mouvement rapide – après le passage de Boussoufa – ait apporté la fraîcheur et la paix au cœur de millions de Marocains, donnant à l’équipe nationale sa qualification tant attendue après vingt ans de stagnation.

Il y a quelques jours, la star marocaine a annoncé l’ouverture de son organisation caritative, qui s’occupera des pauvres et vulnérables: “J’ai toujours voulu aider et être solidaire avec les pauvres, j’ai donc décidé de développer l’idée “. Cette association porte le nom de Mahdi Benatia.

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PeNxGreenRevolution: What’s the Last Piece of Trash You Threw Away?

PeNxGreenRevolution: What’s the Last Piece of Trash You Threw Away?

I wonder how others felt when they saw me picking up random trash in the powdery sands of Boracay.

Were they offended? Did I convey a message? Did I even make an impact? Did I look hideous to them?

While wandering on the beachside on my recent visit to Boracay, there were two ladies standing beside a pile of rubbish but they don’t seem to notice. I waited for like half a minute on a corner for them to leave so I can pick up the pieces of trash.

There were plastic bottles of various water and coffee brands; a can of soda and some candy wrappers, too.

I stayed until they were done with their business.

I finally picked the rubbishes on that stretch. I found a handful and I couldn’t help but feel ashamed for those who don’t care for the environment.

People lack awareness on these environmental issues that we are facing. The future of our planet is in deep trouble. We can do something, but we’re too busy with our own welfare.

Like the girls I waited for to pick up the rubbish on the sand who were busy doing their own thing- taking selfies.

Were the reports about marine species dying each day still not enough? Turtles choking from rubber bands; whales ingesting rubber tires and plastic containers?

Was my concern valid? Yes. Can I do something about it?Definitely! But I am just me- I am nothing but a small voice!

I was so worried until I found these pictures. A collective effort of single individuals aiming to make an impact.

My voice, my worries can count with like-minded people like them.

The Lions and Leo Clubs of Iloilo conducted a Beach Clean-up Drive in the island of Boracay. The white powdery sand of Boracay was able to breathe out of the toxic pollution brought by man.

Young people serve as positive agents of change within their communities. These young leaders develop valuable leadership skills, make new friends and have fun. -Miles Armada, Leo Chairperson at LCI

So, what’s the last piece of trash that you threw away? Have you ever thought of the impact of that single piece of candy wrapper in your pocket? That soda can that you just threw out of nowhere?

Before throwing that thrash away, you may think of other ways you can do about it. Recycle!

Before throwing that thrash away, you may simply take it for another use. Perhaps, re-use it?

Before buying anything, make sure you really need it. Or would it just be collecting dust in the storage? Wouldn’t you mind reducing clutter or practice a minimalist lifestyle?

Be an advocate for the environment. Be a responsible traveler. Show some love for Mother Earth.

Let’s all work together to create a bigger impact.

Found a distressed animal? Found an illegal mining pit? Or simply anything that violates the environment?

Report it using PeN!

Free emergency calls at all times!

Download it at

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