Day: January 7, 2018

My 2018 Goals

My 2018 Goals

New year means new goals.


One of my goals is to have more solo trips this year. Last year, I tried travelling out of town alone and found it to be more relaxing. I got hooked since then. Being able to meet other people and experience other cultures is why I love to travel. I just have to make sure that my PeN Chat app is updated and I’m all good.

Last time I got lost and a bit hungry from all the walking. I used PeN’s Places feature and found the nearest restaurant to dine. What a relief! And since I love buying keepsakes from my travels, that same feature showed me different souvenir shops nearby. PeN really is the best travel buddy for a solo traveller like me! Plus, it gives me free PeNNey as reward for using the app, too.

PeN is the best app I’ve downloaded and I think I wouldn’t need any other app than this.

-Andi, 28

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We Found A Cheap Yet Amazing Food Place On Our Vacation

We Found A Cheap Yet Amazing Food Place On Our Vacation

To spend the New Year, our family decided to have an out of town trip. It was our first time to visit the place and we really had to rely on PeN on which food places we need to try. And yes, it did not fail us. PeN took as to a restaurant where the food is great but the cost is extremely affordable. I am going to recommend PeN to my friends whenever they will visit a new place.

Ely, 27

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