Day: January 9, 2018

Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts

holiday gifts

I love the holidays. I get to see some friends and relatives who I only get to spend time with during this season. And since we don’t get to see much of each other, gifts for birthday and other important dates have piled up. To my excitement, I posted all the gifts I received from friends and relatives, every single one of them on my PeN Timeline. And then I posted again after opening each. Then I noticed something wonderful. What I noticed is how my PeNNey credits increased with every post I made. And then I earned some more when friends liked my posts. It was so awesome!

So now I got hooked to updating my PeN Timeline, and still get amazed seeing how I get free PeNNey for it.

PeN Chat indeed is an app for keeps, and worth endorsing to my friends and relatives!

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A Reliable Service Online and Offline

A Reliable Service Online and Offline

Recently the UAE has blocked Skype services in the country. This somehow is in chorus with various online communication services being blocked in the Middle East and North Africa. The main issue is there regulatory framework in this countries about which is allowed and which is not. Having communications services blocked leaves users feeling helpless and scrambling to find communications services that works. This is where PeN comes in, when nothing else works you can still rely on PeN to connect you to your friends and love ones both online and offline.
With multiple innovations to route voice and messaging traffic on communications channels that is allowed in country communications between PeN users and even to non-PeN users will always work. Being a PeN user the confidence that messages and calls will always be delivered even when you are offline. Considering that more than 50% of the world do not yet have stable and fast internet connectivity this capability is powering PeN’s growth in various parts of the world. With the need to communicate daily, especially to friends and love ones, PeN Pals are actively using the app daily.
Apart from communications (voice and messaging) other services are also available even when users are offline including social (posts), emergency and  location (if needed). By ensuring that PeN services are available in all countries both offline and online, PeN is evolving the way we interact. As connectivity improves in various countries, PeN  will continue to be the reliable partner in delivering communication, social, emergency, health and safety services both online and offline.
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