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I Got Lost – And Found; Thanks to PeN

I Got Lost – And Found; Thanks to PeN

I went on a trekking with a group and for some reason, I got lost. Blame me for being too slow. Thanks to PeN’s ‘Make -A-Scene’ button, it helped my group in tracking my whereabouts. While I can always shout, it seems that my voice was too weak. Perhaps, I was too tired. So yes, my super app helped me!

Janice, 23

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Lost Your Job? No Need to Worry – Here’s What You Need to Do

Lost Your Job? No Need to Worry – Here’s What You Need to Do

So, you’ve lost your job and you are sad.


Today, you can feel all sorts of emotions.

I will allow you to get sad.

But tomorrow, you need to get up and do something great about your life.

Losing your job doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. There are so many things you can do while you are ‘jobless’ and here are some of my ideas.

Connect with your friends 

Now you don’t have to worry if you need to file ‘leaves’. Ask your friends if they want to have a cheap getaway. Spend a weekend at a beach or rent a lakehouse. It’s about time that you enjoy.

Look for freelancing opportunities 

Just so you know, there are a lot of freelancing opportunities. You can find these jobs online. Or if you think you have skills which you can share (and possibly earn), then maybe you can try to promote it and offer your services.

Come up with business ideas 

If you want to put up a lemonade stand, then so be it. There are a lot of business opportunities out there and you just need to look for one that will spark your interest.


Or you can be an investor!  

Use the time to think what you really love 

One way to make your time useful is to think what you want to do the most. Do you want to be a painter, then go for it. Do you want to work in showbiz, then work on it. It’s about time that you do what will make you happy and not because it pays the bills (and only that).

Undergo training 

Look for seminars and sharpen your skills.

Spend more time with your family 

Perhaps, you spent so much time at work, why don’t you give this ‘unemployed’ time to your family?

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Long Travel On The Road? – Here’s What You Need To Do

Long Travel On The Road? – Here’s What You Need To Do

I was on my way to the North and boy, long road trips can be a pain in the ass (literally and figuratively). But I think it will boil down to – how can I make my travel enjoyable?

It wasn’t my first time to travel and ride a bus for hours, so I’ve managed to come up with few personal tips on how you can make your travel more enjoyable.

What to do during long bus trips?

  1. Make sure you have your comfy pillow, or pack your bag in such a way that it can be an alternative to pillows.
  2. Download movies! You can’t be sure if mobile data will work all throughout your journey. Just to be safe, download movies and kill time while on the road.
  3. Plan for your next big move. Long road trips allow me to have a better perspective in life. It’s because I can focus on it and there are lesser distractions. While on a long bus ride, I leave my problems and think about the solutions instead. Yes, it works!
  4. Bring a book. For some reason, I can’t rely on e-books because my head will truly hurt. I usually pack a book and read for as long as I want.
  5. Pack some snacks. I don’t usually eat a lot because – you know – clean comfort rooms aren’t always available
  6. Make friends. If you are travelling alone, have the courage to talk to your seatmate. It wouldn’t hurt to make some friends.

And here’s something new. Always have an app that will help you on your travels. I have download PeN where I can check out the best places to dine or to relax. In addition, it gives additional security features perfect for solo travelers like me.

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This Might Be One of PeN’s Inspirations – Social Democracy

This Might Be One of PeN’s Inspirations – Social Democracy

Yesterday, Ian (CEO) and I had a meeting with few potential investors. But that’s not the point of this post. I am going to talk about possibly one of PeN’s inspiration – Social Democracy.

You see, while I understood the concept of democracy, I have to admit – it’s not like we feel it, right? Corruption is there, crimes are high, and injustices are unfortunately, prevalent. I am not losing hope, but you know, I thought a ‘close to perfect’ government or society wouldn’t exist.

Until after our meeting when Ian and I talked about things outside our work.

He started telling me about his life in Sweden and I was impressed. No. That would be an understatement. I was beyond impressed. He told me some of the things to expect in Sweden.

1. No traffic

2. Jails are so nice, you can just sleep there when you are drunk.

3. Crime rate is low, or possibly close to zero

4. Policies are strictly followed by the locals

5. Free education for your kids

6. Poverty rarely, or do not exists

And lastly, even the King drives for himself – and yes, he gets speeding ticket too.

Now, after our conversation, it all made sense to me. This concept might be his inspiration for PeN.

He did want to create an app that will promote equality, that will somehow share the world’s resources. It isn’t about messaging or posting whatnots. It isn’t about making millions or getting known globally…

It is really about making a big change. 

It is about closing the gap not just in the confines of communication. More so, the lives of the entire population.

You see, I was already amazed on how our app greatly improved, but I am more than amazed to have a leader who wants to bring constant improvement to the world.

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PeN is Going Nowhere – But UP!

PeN is Going Nowhere – But UP!

Hello PeN Pals,

Amazing news!

Did you know that we are included in the The Global 20 Future Creators of 2017

Thanks to our dedicated team and of course, you – our PeN Pal.

It is safe to say that we are going nowhere – BUT UP!

This recognition means that our app has passed a high standard to be at par with equally amazing startups around the globe.

We are of course, grateful for this, but this is just the start. We aim to be better year after year.

Our team cannot do it alone, we need your help.

Let’s aim for recognition and hit our app’s mission.


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Travelling Alone? Need Travel Tips?

Travelling Alone? Need Travel Tips?

It is exciting to travel alone, and a bit nerve-racking. I should know because I was in that same position years ago. At that time, I didn’t search for tips on how to survive my first solo travel. I wanted to be adventurous to the fullest and relied on my guts.

Obviously, I survived. But it will be a whole lot easier if I prepared.

What should you do if you are going to travel alone? Here are few of my personal tips.

1. Prepare days, or even weeks before

Make a list of the things you need to bring. Don’t forget your underwear, toiletries and extra cash. Try not to cram and prepare your luggage, days before your scheduled trip. This will reduce the chances of forgetting something important.

2. Leave copies of your itinerary and travel documents

You wouldn’t want to worry your parents or loved ones, right? Print copies of your planned whereabouts and travel documents. Send copies to your email too.

3. Get vaccinated

If you will visit a country where there are known outbreaks (and you still wanted to go?), make sure that you get proper vaccination. I suggest that you download PeN where we have a feature that allows you to see current health conditions in specific areas.

4. Bring your camera – but use it only when necessary 

We all want to immortlize our travels, but it wouldn’t be  a great idea if you will take loads of photos instead of actually enjoying the new place. Take few shots but do not let that eat your entire experience.

5. Always be safe 

Wherever you go, make sure that you carry few self-defense acts or a device that will get attention when the situation calls for it. You may use PeN’s SOS for such instances.

Lastly, enjoy and try not to drink too much.



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Why I am Staying with PeN – Why You Should Be a Part of It

Why I am Staying with PeN – Why You Should Be a Part of It

Truth be told, people can easily leave their jobs knowing that there will be another opportunity, somewhere – out there.

I wouldn’t lie. There were offers to work for another company. And yes, it can be very tempting. But why do I always say NO?

It’s simply because I believe in what PeN is trying to do.

It is more than just an app, it has a mission of improving society by means of its technology.

If you look at the app’s surface, you might think that it is just your ordinary messaging app. I say dig deeper. Every feature that the team created has a goal to make our lives easier and better.

Take for example the simple messaging feature. We make it a point that anyone will stay connected by integrating an offline capability.

How about our Pulse? We want our users to stay safe by knowing the latest health condition wherever they are.

Let’s talk about our own Emergency Button. It is hard to accept that we are no longer 100% safe, but that doesn’t mean we can’t protect ourselves.

Lastly, the Rewards and PeNney. It is totally amazing how our leaders would like to share the profit with our users. That makes sense because without you, we are nothing.

These are actually few features that we can brag and there are more to come.

Let’s not forget our advocacies.

Did you know that for every 10 downloads we get, we also plant a tree? Yes, most of us are very ‘techie’ but we still value what nature has to offer.

We also embrace our Corporate Social Responsibilities by being the voice of those who need help. We use our network to amplify their cries, and we will do so until they are heard.

So why would I leave a company that has a genuine heart to help our society? You get my point now, right? If my writing can help in small ways, then I will still be a part of this team for as long as I could.

Be part of PeN by simply downloading the app.

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Try These Awesome Gift Ideas For Adults

Try These Awesome Gift Ideas For Adults

i celebrated my birthday last week and I was thinking – For someone my age (29), what would be the best gifts to receive?

Nope. This isn’t a selfish post because I honestly think people who already graduated from toys and clothes want to receive gifts that can broaden their experience. With that in mind, here are some of the my ideas.

Gift Ideas for Adults

1. Home cooked meals or better yet, a nice cook book.

Most of us work and a lot of times, we resort to fast food. Apparently, that’s not a healthy choice. But since we live in such a fast moving world, we give in. It would be awesome for someone to give me a home-cooked meal. Or maybe a cook book so I will be inspired to work in the kitchen.

2. Self – help book

Since we are already talking about books, another idea for a gift is, well – a good book. Please, spare me the e- ones because I still love to read the conventional books. Ahhhh the smell of each page is just pure bliss.

3. A free course to ‘something new’

Because I still want to learn! It can be a pottery class, a dance session, an acting class, or a yoga one! What matters most is that it is new to me and yes, FOR FREE!

4. A hiking adventure

Or something similar. It would be nice to lift myself from an office chair to experience the woods. As a gift, you don’t have to spend so much. Just be a good friend and tag along. ☺

Do you have more ideas to pitch? Why don’t you share it through PeN?

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Throw Away Your Stuff? – What Minimalism Is All About

Throw Away Your Stuff? – What Minimalism Is All About

A colleague just started a ‘minimalist’ lifestyle. While I know a thing or two about it, I realized – I need to understand it further. If you want to have a change of lifestyle, you might need to have a deeper look at this concept.

What is NOT true about Minimalism 

It’s not about throwing EVERYTHING! It’s about learning what’s important to you.

You can’t buy new things. You can, of course! It’s just that, you are replacing the old ones and not just adding up.

It happens overnight. Different people will have a different approach and getting there isn’t a race.

Minimalists are all vegan. NOPE!

You cannot sustain a minimalist lifestyle. Really? Why not?

Minimalists are not stylish. They have their own style. They just don’t follow the trends. That doesn’t mean they are not stylish.

What to throw away!

Starting a new lifestyle but could not figure out what needs to be thrown away? Maybe this list can help you.

  • Tons of buttons
  • Window bill envelopes
  • Expired canned goods
  • Unused wires
  • Unused utensils
  • Old gadgets
  • Unused notepads
  • Dollar store items without any use
  • Tiny nails and screws
  • Wedding souvenirs
  • Wine bottles
  • Alarm clock (because you have your phone)
  • Extra pencil sharpeners
  • Paperweights
  • Unused vases
  • Bad linens
  • Tons of scratch papers
  • Promotional shirts that do not fit
  • Loads of bubble wrap
  • Dried glues
  • Boxes from gadgets and other electronics
  • Extra belts
  • Extra scarves
  • A lot of chopsticks

Also, you might want to try out this cool app that is perfect for minimalists. We have PeN, an all in one app that lets you do so many things without eating so much space on your phone.

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How To Forgive Those Who Have Wronged You – Start The Year Right!

How To Forgive Those Who Have Wronged You – Start The Year Right!

At some point in our lives, people will hurt us, the same way that we have hurt others (intentional or unintentional). If you are someone who can apologize easily, that’s good because you know how to acknowledge your mistakes. However, forgiving can be a bit challenging and it depends on the gravity of the pain. Nevertheless, we all should learn how to forgive. If you will hold onto your grudge, you are just hurting yourself even more.

Finding it hard to forgive? Here are some tips to help you

  • Accept that past is past and there is nothing you can do about it.
  • Try to write down ‘what you could have done’ in that same situation that lit up a fire in your heart. This will give you the assurance that you have learned from the mistake.
  • Always take the high – way and choose the right thing to do.
  • Look at the brighter side of life.

Below are some ideas I got from here.

  • Look at your future and imagine yourself not suffering from any pain.
  • Pray or improve your spiritual life.
  • Don’t go to sleep angry.
  • Stop the blame and try to be more understanding.
  • Always think that you can control how you respond to things.
  • Stop controlling other people’s reactions and feelings.
  • Let GO!

Let them know that you forgave them by sending a message or calling through PeN.


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