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Throw Away Your Stuff? – What Minimalism Is All About

Throw Away Your Stuff? – What Minimalism Is All About

A colleague just started a ‘minimalist’ lifestyle. While I know a thing or two about it, I realized – I need to understand it further. If you want to have a change of lifestyle, you might need to have a deeper look at this concept.

What is NOT true about Minimalism 

It’s not about throwing EVERYTHING! It’s about learning what’s important to you.

You can’t buy new things. You can, of course! It’s just that, you are replacing the old ones and not just adding up.

It happens overnight. Different people will have a different approach and getting there isn’t a race.

Minimalists are all vegan. NOPE!

You cannot sustain a minimalist lifestyle. Really? Why not?

Minimalists are not stylish. They have their own style. They just don’t follow the trends. That doesn’t mean they are not stylish.

What to throw away!

Starting a new lifestyle but could not figure out what needs to be thrown away? Maybe this list can help you.

  • Tons of buttons
  • Window bill envelopes
  • Expired canned goods
  • Unused wires
  • Unused utensils
  • Old gadgets
  • Unused notepads
  • Dollar store items without any use
  • Tiny nails and screws
  • Wedding souvenirs
  • Wine bottles
  • Alarm clock (because you have your phone)
  • Extra pencil sharpeners
  • Paperweights
  • Unused vases
  • Bad linens
  • Tons of scratch papers
  • Promotional shirts that do not fit
  • Loads of bubble wrap
  • Dried glues
  • Boxes from gadgets and other electronics
  • Extra belts
  • Extra scarves
  • A lot of chopsticks

Also, you might want to try out this cool app that is perfect for minimalists. We have PeN, an all in one app that lets you do so many things without eating so much space on your phone.

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How To Forgive Those Who Have Wronged You – Start The Year Right!

How To Forgive Those Who Have Wronged You – Start The Year Right!

At some point in our lives, people will hurt us, the same way that we have hurt others (intentional or unintentional). If you are someone who can apologize easily, that’s good because you know how to acknowledge your mistakes. However, forgiving can be a bit challenging and it depends on the gravity of the pain. Nevertheless, we all should learn how to forgive. If you will hold onto your grudge, you are just hurting yourself even more.

Finding it hard to forgive? Here are some tips to help you

  • Accept that past is past and there is nothing you can do about it.
  • Try to write down ‘what you could have done’ in that same situation that lit up a fire in your heart. This will give you the assurance that you have learned from the mistake.
  • Always take the high – way and choose the right thing to do.
  • Look at the brighter side of life.

Below are some ideas I got from here.

  • Look at your future and imagine yourself not suffering from any pain.
  • Pray or improve your spiritual life.
  • Don’t go to sleep angry.
  • Stop the blame and try to be more understanding.
  • Always think that you can control how you respond to things.
  • Stop controlling other people’s reactions and feelings.
  • Let GO!

Let them know that you forgave them by sending a message or calling through PeN.


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Changing Yourself One Step At  A Time!

Changing Yourself One Step At A Time!

It’s New Year and as cliché as this may sound, it’s the perfect time to change your old ways. However, I know that it is easier said than done. The good news is – it is not IMPOSSIBLE. You just have to be determined on the changes that you will do with your life.

I personally looked for ways on how we can successfully change our bad habits and I will share some of those that I might apply.

  • Write down your positive attitudes and the not so good ones. In short, assess yourself.
  • Check out your ‘not so good’ list and identify which ones you need to change. Remember, you have to take one step at a time. Change shouldn’t be drastic. You can pick at least 2 or 3 and work on those instead of trying to change everything from your list. Doing everything all at once might get you exhausted and you will fail to complete the ‘change’.
  • Reward yourself. If you think you are on the right path, you can treat yourself once in a while.
  • Always think about the sole reason why you need to change. This tip is recommended most especially if you are tempted to go back to your old ways. For example, you are trying to quit smoking and failed on your 10th day. Don’t get frustrated and just always try your best to get back.
  • Tell your loved ones and friends about your plans. This is so they can remind you and you will be forced to achieve that change.
  • Evaluate yourself from time to time. It is also good if you check on yourself once in a while. See your progress and take note of it.

And speaking of change, you might need to also try something new. For example, using an app that lets you do a number of amazing things. I am talking about PeN and you should try it out for yourself.


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How Did You Spend your New Year?

How Did You Spend your New Year?

Hello there PeN Pals!

I’m just checking how did you spend the first days of the year? Most of us would like to jump start it the best way possible, right? So, I’ve gathered some of the most common things that people do for New Year and let us know if yours is included.

What do we do for New Year?

  • We create New Year’s Resolution – and break it after!
  • We prepare a feast and celebrate with our loved ones.
  • We follow traditions. Which reminds me, we have few traditions here in the Philippines that make little sense in the modern days but nevertheless, fun! It includes wearing polka dot clothes, preparing fruits (must be circle), opening of wallets (to have a prosperous new year), jumping up and down to add height, and making loud noises. 
  • Out of town trips or staycation in a hotel.
  • Cleaning up the entire room or house.
  • Going to church.
  • Some people would also call up their foes or enemies to iron out things and to apologize. I think this has got to be one of my favorites. I mean, you have to start your year clean and without grudges.

Speaking of which, if you have friends and families which you need to call to, you can use PeN and save a lot on phone call charges. 

If you are tired of following traditions, I have seen a post about how you can celebrate New Year, and let me summarize my favorites.

  • Go and see a free concert, or theater play for that matter.
  • Watch an awesome movie either at home or in a movie house.
  • Go bowling or billiards (set up a competition with your families and friends).
  • Or how about visiting an escape room?
  • Dance like you’ve got loads of energy in a club. And it doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 70. Just rock it!

Do you have more ideas to add? Let us know and maybe we can do that for next year. 

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Reward Yourself Before the Year Ends!

Reward Yourself Before the Year Ends!

You deserve to reward yourself!

Yes, that’s true – even if you don’t feel like giving yourself a pat on the back.

Come to think of it, you surpassed a year filled with great memories and sometimes challenges. That’s more than enough to treat yourself with something extraordinary. Speaking of REWARDS, what do you have in mind?

I will share with you some of my personal favorites and maybe you can pick an idea or two:

  1. Nice relaxing travel
  2. Party with good ol’ friends
  3. Get together with families
  4. New clothes
  5. New gadgets
  6. Well-deserved spa
  7. ‘Lazy’ day
  8. New furniture
  9.  Good food in your favorite restaurant
  10. Pizza
  11. Ice cream
  12. Buffalo wings
  13. Dance class
  14. Art class
  15. New book
  16. A night in a bar
  17. Enjoy a carnival or festivities in a different place
  18. Netflix marathon
  19. Karaoke session with friends
  20. A quick visit to a national museum
  21. Watch funny Youtube all day
  22. Eat your favorite cake
  23. Cooking class
  24. Get a new tattoo piercing
  25. Get a haircut

There are still more that I can add to this list. The point is, do something that will bring back the fuel in your life. Again, you deserve it.

Speaking of rewards, we value our PeN pals and we provide awesome surprises if you download our app.


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Best Android Apps to Kick Start your 2018

Best Android Apps to Kick Start your 2018

Are you thinking of what apps to download that will make your 2018 even better (or more efficient) for that matter?

Here are some of our recommendations:

Android Apps to use for 2018

I’m actually thinking of 3 categories. These can be found below. Personally, I filter my apps based on what I strongly use regularly. (To save on space)

  • Planner/ Organizer 

Evernote – I love this app because you can even collaborate projects with your colleagues. Send them your files, tasks, and notes!

Color Note – If you want to have your virtual ‘post – its’, then this could be the solution.

Business Calendar 2 – This is a powerful tool and very easy to use. You have your calendar, weather updates and of course, your TO DO list.

  • Financial Tracker 

Wallet –  This is a simple money tracking and budgeting app that promises to improve your finances.

Money Manager Expense & Budget – You can easily view your expenses and your financial behavior using this awesome app.

Spending Tracker –  A simple tool that anyone can use. This is recommended if you want a straight report on how you spend.

  • Health 

Ada – You can initially assess your health anywhere, anytime.

iCare Health Monitor – You can measure your blood pressure, heart rate, and even vision just by using this app.

Your MD – Check the symptoms and see if you need to be alarmed.

But you know what – you can actually save MORE space on your phone by downloading just 1 app that can do so many things. 

I’m talking about our own app (of course), PeN!

We made PeN in such a way that you don’t have to download different apps. This makes life easier and yes – more efficient. Let’s not forget its social media function. It’s everything you need and more.

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What To Do After Christmas

What To Do After Christmas

So, the Christmas is over (in some parts of the globe, and people are asking – What do we do next?

Well, one thing is for sure.

The fun and the kindness should never stop!

But aside from that, here’s my personal TO DO list after Christmas.

1. Clean up the mess from last night’s party.

It’s time to clear everything and make your house squeaky clean once again. Besides, you wouldn’t want your house to smell like rotten pizza, right?

2. Organize the gifts

I also organize my gifts in such a way that I put out those that I can use (or eat) immediately, and keep the ones that can last longer.

3. Thank those who gave you presents.

If you were not able to thank those who remembered you, you can always call – or probably send them homemade cookies.

4. Look back and savour the laughter from last night.

I hope you took loads of photos. If not, ask your families and friends to ‘tag’ you.

5. Call your families and friends to check on them.

Make sure to use PeN and get FREE credits and rewards.

6. Go to church.

Because it’s always good to Thank God for practically anything.

7. Look for more parties!

Because…Why not? ☺

How about you? What’s your plan?



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Last Minute Christmas Checklist – You Might be Forgetting Something

Last Minute Christmas Checklist – You Might be Forgetting Something

Christmas is just few hours away and are you ready?

Have you completed your Christmas chores?


Are you sure about that?

Well, I’m going to help you with a Christmas Checklist – You know, just in case you are like me – A FORGETFUL MOMMY!


We need good food when it’s Christmas, right? 😀  Make sure that you have done your grocery shopping few days before. Today, check if the ingredients are complete and have a last run to the supermarket for anything you missed out. It would be cool to organize your ingredients based on the meals you are about to prepare. That’s how you can easily tell if you lack anything.


If you want to be healthy, you can always make your homemade juices. If adults are coming, you can always stack on wine or beers. Just make sure they won’t get ‘wasted’ and can still drive home after the party.


You need great tunes for Christmas. It’s always cool to dance along, right? Pump up your playlist that will run for the whole night.


Check again! You might be forgetting someone. It is always safe to get extra ‘gender-neutral’ gifts for moments like this. That’s what I always do when I buy gifts.


And for the kids, be a Santa by giving them candy canes!

Good Stories

After dinner, make sure to prepare lovely stories that you can share with your families and friends.

Heartfelt Messages

Speaking of families and friends, do you have loved ones living in other countries? If yes, give them a call using PeN or send the most amazing messages this Holiday season.

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Christmas Party with Your Kids – Why You Should Join Too!

Christmas Party with Your Kids – Why You Should Join Too!

It’s been 4 years since I first attended my kids’ Christmas Party at school. I have to admit, I wasn’t really a fan of it. For some reason, I felt that it was too chaotic or too disorganized. Probably, I was used to seeing corporate events where things are more streamlined.

However, as years go by, I now see the beauty of these Kiddie Christmas Parties. These ‘chaotic’ gatherings are more sincere and genuine. You can hear the most honest waves of laughter and the giggles are just music to one’s ears. Now, I am more eager to join my kids’ parties even if it means carrying a big bag with their clothes, water, and whatnots.

Reasons why you should attend Children’s Christmas Parties

  1. Spending time with kids is just pure joy! No pretentions and everything is genuine.
  2. Seeing their smiles is already a reward.
  3. We all need to get ‘disorganized’ at times – and you know, just let the happiness flow in different paths.

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I Recommend Hostels for Your Next Adventure

I Recommend Hostels for Your Next Adventure

I wouldn’t consider myself extremely rich, but travelling is something I can’t remove from my system.

Yes, I am a single mom but that doesn’t mean I deprive myself from having a ‘Me’ time. And since I always want to stretch my budget, I always look for hostels and cheap places to stay. At first, I was hesitant to book a hostel, simply because of security reasons. Plus, I wasn’t really sure if I can move comfortably around people I just met – let alone have a good night rest.

This year, I gave it a shot. I booked a bed in a hostel with high hopes of getting a good sleep in the next coming days.

I was shocked. My experience exceeded my expectations.

Not only I was able to rest well, there are other reasons why I will book hostels in my upcoming trip. Here are some of those:

1. It is cost efficient

If you just want a nice place to sleep and a bathroom to do your thing, hostels should do you just fine.

2. You get to meet new friends

Most of the time, your room mates are already ‘seasoned’ travellers and are very friendly. In my case, I made friends from Malaysia, Korea, and even from the UK.

3. It is a liberating experience.

Being an Asian, I had that connotation that all ‘white’ people are financially stable. That all changed when I decided to eat at the hostel’s common area where other foreigners were having some casual conversation (An American and a British). I was pretty surprised about their stories of survival. In fact, they even had to do odd jobs just to buy a plane ticket. It made me realize that we are all equal, just in different packages.

Staying in a hostel does not only save me huge bucks, it added color to my supposedly ‘normal’ trip.

If you are not really sensitive when it comes to your personal space, I would highly recommend staying in a hostel.

And if you worry about your things – there’s always the locker. Just bring your own padlock. 😉


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