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Feel Better Now, We Care For You a Lot!

Feel Better Now, We Care For You a Lot!

What made you heartbroken lately?

Do you remember the times when you’ve poured your heart out to something you really believed was worthwhile?

Like doing something with all your heart but still failed miserably?

Don’t beat yourself up.

There will always be tough times that will test all the faith in you.

Sometimes, it will require a level of sacrifice that you are more than willing to take.

When life throws you a curve ball, you will do and follow its course. Bend so you will not break.

What made you heartbroken lately?

Relationship? Work?

Maybe you expected too much.
Take out remorse and replace it with gratitude.

Let yourself grieve but not to the point of letting bitterness take in.

Know that you’ve done your part; and anything you’ve done were essential to the journey that is expected; a continuation of the karmic event. Something that is beyond your control.

Rise up for yourself but to never malign others. Still, make yourself whole by putting yourself last. Stand your ground. Believe in your vision.

Forgive yourself so you can move on and do better.

Moving on is not just letting go but finishing your mission and heading on to the next.

Make waiting worthwhile. Rest, meditate, transform. Leave burdening situations or people behind, anything or anyone that refuses to grow.

Be ready when your stars have aligned again. For now, do things you need to become more of yourself.

Recharge and make it whole again.

Start over and feel SUPER LOVED!

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Team USA Gymnasts Come Together to Pin Down Their Abuser

Team USA Gymnasts Come Together to Pin Down Their Abuser

Former Team USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar is about to pay for his evil actions with all the young gymnasts he abused for over a long period of time.

He was given a 60-year sentence in federal prison for child pornography and sexually abusing young girls who also happen to be USA’s priced gymnasts.

Olympic champion gymnasts have come forward to let the world know the real personality Larry Nassar is-a pedophile.

More than a hundred of these brave lady gymnasts read their “Victim Impact” statements in court while the suspect, who used to be their sports doctor and therapist, listen to them as they recall their experiences with the sex-offender.

The victims, then minors as young as 6 years old, were said to be “touched” in their sensitive parts or were forced to watch Nasaar masturbating in front of them. Most of these girls suffered life-long impacts and trauma.

Here are some of the scenes from the courtroom: 

These ladies deserve more than a gold medal for their bravery. They have endured so much pain during the years that nobody believes and listened.

Ask for help using your smartphone! Click the link:

Larry Nasaar, your time is up. These girls have found courage in each other.

Watch the heartbreaking testimonies here:

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PULSE: A Day in the Life of an Undertaker

PULSE: A Day in the Life of an Undertaker

Have you ever wondered who will take care of you once you have reached life’s end?


For most social and religious groups, embalming is respectfully practiced upon death.

Undertakers take responsibility for such task of taking care of the dead body; make sure that it is clean and presentable.

Undertakers handle cadavers before being presented to families during wakes. They make sure that a corpse is disposed according to standard set by society; they put a dash of glam on a pale dead face and body; affix decent clothes on a cold and decaying body.

Scissors, comb and a neck-stand are some of their daily work tools.

A daily view on their workspace.

Attaining success in any profession was never easy but theirs- a different story. Every “opportunity” requires a certain level of dedication.

Make-up and cotton among other things that are needed to prepare a cadaver. A false teeth is also shown which used to be owned by his previous ‘client’.

So, what does a regular undertaker go through? Here’s a day in the life of undertakers.

Find out here:

  1. They get exposed on toxic chemicals for a long period of time hence the strong fumes they have to endure.
  2. Also, endure a grieving family drama on the background. And make sure that their standards are met.
  3. A depressing work environment to go to e everyday.

    Always in need of guidance from a Higher Force.

  4. Facing a dead body everyday. (Or could their spirits be lurking while being embalmed?) Bathe and clean them inside and out. Yes, including their internal organs and biofluids.

    Peek inside a morgue.

  5. Be prone to cancers and other pulmonary ailments for the fumes inhaled.
  6. Face their regular lives and personal responsibilities after a tiring day. They’re still humans after all.

Well, what do you think?

Undertakers take their jobs seriously. It takes time to get used to what they’re doing but their profession is nonetheless one of the most noble jobs out there.

Don’t you agree?

Watch this to know more about them:

Want to know the latest whereabouts of deadly diseases? Here’s a tool to make you safe. Download the Playstore version by clicking the photo below:

Want to know the latest whereabouts of deadly diseases? Here’s a tool to make you safe. Download the Playstore version here:

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GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Ms. Molera’s Work of Art

GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Ms. Molera’s Work of Art

How do you find comfort when things don’t go your way?

Most OFW’s   children embrace life abroad imperatively during such time they need to move in and follow wherever their parents are . They will never understand why they need to leave their friends behind nor switch schools and start all over again.


It may somehow feel like a hopeless situation at first until the child gets used to the new environment; find a niche of their own. 
Alyana Molera felt the same way.

She left the Philippines at an age when friends felt more like family. She was in her early teen-age years when her family decided to send her to Barcelona, Spain. Her friends meant everything to her life, like a force to be reckoned with.

There were times when all she needed to be okay were her friends back home. Thankfully, she fits in her new space eventually.

As she fast-forwards today, Ms. Molera has already found her niche through her own art. She braves her life everyday knowing that she’s encompassed with a burning passion to do films. 

One of her strongest films will surely touch anyone who’s been away from their loved ones. The film shows one situation that can happen when the complexities of OFW situations blows life off course.

Ms. Molera may be young but she has already shown her potentials. What life taught her at an early age could bring inspiration to many through her art and films.

You can watch her film below:

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Here’s a Solution for Employees Sneaking Out Early

Here’s a Solution for Employees Sneaking Out Early

Have you been dealing with employees sneaking out of the workplace earlier than they’re supposed to leave?

Or perhaps a few of them utilizes work hours for leisure time?

But you have several business trips in and outside your country to deal with and clients to face every once in a while. What could be the best way to fix this matter without shelling out an additional budget?

We might have a solution for you!

If you still don’t know about this, PeN is a super app with a variety of superb features and one of these can solve your dilemmas in the corporate world by simply using the app!

Monitor your employees real-time whereabouts!

PeN’s SOS feature was originally designed to help its users during emergencies but isn’t great that this kind of tool emerged and is readily available for any company at no cost?

Checking out any employee’s productivity and whereabouts are now made possible by the PeN app!

Hurry and order a mandatory download of the app, ASAP!

P.S: If you think you can also use the app to monitor the whereabouts of your significant other then YOU ARE NOT WRONG! 🙂

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You Shouldn’t Hide Forever

You Shouldn’t Hide Forever

To you whoever is reading this:

You are worthy.

You are a beautiful soul.

Take charge of your life, stand up for yourself (and for your kids).

If you have endured so much pain; accepted how life turned out for you; reading this message of hope means there is still a light waiting for you.

Love should not be abusive; should not hurt.

Silence should mean peace – not hide violence.

Show the world the scars they can’t see.

Revive your self-esteem.

Fight for what has been lost.

Let yourself be heard.

You can start now.

There’s a gift for you here. We know you can figure it out:

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GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: The Pickled Piper Chronicles

GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: The Pickled Piper Chronicles

Hey PeN Pals!

If you’re stuck on a foreign country for a job contract that needs to be fulfilled, how would you plan to enjoy it?

Some may find comfort in shopping or get practical by getting an extra job but some others search for more adventure!

Meet Piper Nicolas, our latest featured expat from Indonesia. She works as a pre-school teacher in one of the country’s best kindergarten.

Look at how she spends time away from her home country, the Philippines.

Piper made an account of her trips on a video blog where every exquisite feature of the places she visit gets highlighted. Most of these travels are with her girl friends who are equally adventurous as well!

Check out Piper’s vlogs and advenutres below:

When going home isn’t an option yet, expats around the world are lucky to still feel connected to their home even when they are miles away. With the help of technology, they can reach out and find other things to keep them occupied hence Piper’s vlogs.

Sometimes, Piper and her friends would go on road trips on a regular day. Spontaneous trips usually bring them to random food spots that is worth a day’s fun just like this featured trip on her Youtube page!

Watch out for more as Pickled Piper gets regular features on the Global Expats community from now on!

Spread the news!

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The World Needs Brahma Kumaris

The World Needs Brahma Kumaris

Om Shanti.

I am a peaceful soul.

As you busily ponder outside on how to make things right this year, a more compelling influence is probably waiting to be discovered to help you with your future journey.

Your soul- the ultimate answer to every discerningly twisted thought that affects you everyday.

Making peace with your soul this year could start a magical opportunity for you to flourish.

To simply realize that your are a soul creates more space for enlightenment, forgiveness and acceptance.

Brahma Kumaris  could be the answer for what you and the world need now- Peace.

An institution that originated in India being practiced for almost a century now, Brahma Kumaris helps anyone connect with their inner self to help it find its true meaning.

It is easy to see conflicts and distractions these days nitpicking for fussy tiny details; focused mainly on the material wealth in this world resulting to pride, only to covet more power.

Practicing mainly Raj Yoga to satisfy one’s soul and spirituality is Brahma Kumaris’ approach to help anyone who wants to find comfort and clarity of mind.

Focusing these days is intimidating. With lots of distractions, clucking screens and noises here and there brought by high-technology, it is just comforting to know that there is a better way to help ease out when the mind seems to overflow with concerns.

Brahma Kumaris, through Raj Yoga, will let you experience to float in your thoughts amidst the presence of burdening responsibilities.

Learn to meditate this year when things get tough.

Have a peaceful New Year, PeN Pals!







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The Worsening Threat of Dengue in Asia

The Worsening Threat of Dengue in Asia

Dengue virus dwells in the tropics and sub-tropic parts of the planet. Thus, Asia has suffered most in terms of the rallying cases of the vector-borne disease.

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Having been known for fatal results when not given immediate attention, the virus sets an alarming tone each time an outbreak is reported. Here are the cases that swept Asia in 2017:


Fresh from the scandal that brought Philippine health officials and Sanofi in shambles, the Philippines recorded 657 dengue-related deaths from November 2016 to November 2017. With a total case of 117,654 nationally, Dengue virus still imposes grave challenges to the Filipino nation.


In a week’s time, New Delhi covered 176 cases in the first week of December 2017. Although a decline in 2017 Dengue cases were revealed, the number of fatalities still alarm  health officials; the urge to find immediate solutions still an utmost priority. 9,072 cases were recorded this year making up a portion of 153 635 cases and 226 deaths in the entirety of India. 


174, 889 cases have been reported in Sri Lanka for 2017. The upsurge in number was brought by all 4 dengue strains found in the country. These strains have brought about 320 deaths according to the Epidemiology  Unit of the Ministry of Health.


A town in Pakistan,Peshawar, unfortunately had 69 deaths due to delayed blood transfusion and fluid overload after the dreaded dengue outbreak out of 24,807 laboratory-confirmed cases. 2,849 cases were recorded in the town of Karachi followed by 229 fatalities. 


For Malaysia, 81,790 new cases comprise the dengue statistics in 2017. 170 fatalities were recorded for the entire year.




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