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You Shouldn’t Hide Forever

You Shouldn’t Hide Forever

To you whoever is reading this:

You are worthy.

You are a beautiful soul.

Take charge of your life, stand up for yourself (and for your kids).

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The World Needs Brahma Kumaris

The World Needs Brahma Kumaris

Om Shanti.

I am a peaceful soul.

As you busily ponder outside on how to make things right this year, a more compelling influence is probably waiting to be discovered to help you with your future journey.

Your soul- the ultimate answer to every discerningly twisted thought that affects you everyday.

Making peace with your soul this year could start a magical opportunity for you to flourish.

To simply realize that your are a soul creates more space for enlightenment, forgiveness and acceptance.

Brahma Kumaris  could be the answer for what you and the world need now- Peace.

An institution that originated in India being practiced for almost a century now, Brahma Kumaris helps anyone connect with their inner self to help it find its true meaning.

It is easy to see conflicts and distractions these days nitpicking for fussy tiny details; focused mainly on the material wealth in this world resulting to pride, only to covet more power.

Practicing mainly Raj Yoga to satisfy one’s soul and spirituality is Brahma Kumaris’ approach to help anyone who wants to find comfort and clarity of mind.

Focusing these days is intimidating. With lots of distractions, clucking screens and noises here and there brought by high-technology, it is just comforting to know that there is a better way to help ease out when the mind seems to overflow with concerns.

Brahma Kumaris, through Raj Yoga, will let you experience to float in your thoughts amidst the presence of burdening responsibilities.

Learn to meditate this year when things get tough.

Have a peaceful New Year, PeN Pals!







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The Worsening Threat of Dengue in Asia

The Worsening Threat of Dengue in Asia

Dengue virus dwells in the tropics and sub-tropic parts of the planet. Thus, Asia has suffered most in terms of the rallying cases of the vector-borne disease.

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Having been known for fatal results when not given immediate attention, the virus sets an alarming tone each time an outbreak is reported. Here are the cases that swept Asia in 2017:


Fresh from the scandal that brought Philippine health officials and Sanofi in shambles, the Philippines recorded 657 dengue-related deaths from November 2016 to November 2017. With a total case of 117,654 nationally, Dengue virus still imposes grave challenges to the Filipino nation.


In a week’s time, New Delhi covered 176 cases in the first week of December 2017. Although a decline in 2017 Dengue cases were revealed, the number of fatalities still alarm  health officials; the urge to find immediate solutions still an utmost priority. 9,072 cases were recorded this year making up a portion of 153 635 cases and 226 deaths in the entirety of India. 


174, 889 cases have been reported in Sri Lanka for 2017. The upsurge in number was brought by all 4 dengue strains found in the country. These strains have brought about 320 deaths according to the Epidemiology  Unit of the Ministry of Health.


A town in Pakistan,Peshawar, unfortunately had 69 deaths due to delayed blood transfusion and fluid overload after the dreaded dengue outbreak out of 24,807 laboratory-confirmed cases. 2,849 cases were recorded in the town of Karachi followed by 229 fatalities. 


For Malaysia, 81,790 new cases comprise the dengue statistics in 2017. 170 fatalities were recorded for the entire year.




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GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Around the World with Travel Pinoy Explorer

GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: Around the World with Travel Pinoy Explorer

Every year is another chance to make things right.

A clean slate of new opportunities can give way to more success in the future.
Just like our featured global expat who never gave up on his dreams.

Growing up from a poor family, Ken Millar, did everything he could to have a better life.

He belongs to a family of 10. His father, an American, abandoned him. He is one of those children who became products of the U.S Military Base is Subic, Zambales in the Philippines. Unfortunately, he wasn’t granted with any legal rights when the U.S Government cast off their duties on cases like Ken’s.

To make things worse, he got bullied by his peers; ridiculed and called many names.

Looking forward today, Ken is an epitome of success. Having travelled almost the entire world, he definitely knows that he already hit all the right marks to get what he wants in life.

He is currently living the life he never thought he deserves. Happiness and contentment seems very evident to our featured global expat. He beams with satisfaction as he experience every country he’s been to.

Here are Ken’s most valuable travels that you shouldn’t really miss!

His travels in Europe and Asia include the most picture-worthy destinations that any tourist would love to visit!

He also visited North America, particularly in Greenland, which is considered to be a world apart with all the glaciers and frontiers wrapping it all up.

Coming from someone who grew up in the Philippines, traveling the world made him realize how much of a paradise his country is. It would only have been perfect  if it would keep up with the progress of other countries he have seen and visited. He hopes that someday, the Philippines would be one of the most modern cities in the world.

In the future, he dreams of publishing a book with all his travels and memoirs about everything he’s been through.

By that time, Ken Millar have definitely seen more of life and more of the world.

We should definitely watch out and be inspired more by him.

Never be afraid to try and test the horizons. 

Happy New Year, PeN Pals!

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SUPER APPS: The Best Gear for 2018

SUPER APPS: The Best Gear for 2018

During this time of the year,  a lot of us would usually jot down our “New Year’s Resolutions” list.

The list would often consist of promises leaving every bad habits to the previous year behind making space for more promising opportunities for the coming year.

But does the list meet your life’s reality? Oftentimes, it does not!

Rather than dwelling on things you cannot really change on yourself, why not find a more realistic approach- like looking for ways to make your daily life a lot easier to deal with?

Thank goodness for technology that it has gone so advanced it could make a daunting day so easy!

The rise of super apps could lead to more potentials bringing in more benefits to everyone.

SUPERAPPS are all-in-one applications that makes the most of your time and pleasure!

Here are the benefits you can get from opting on one rather than other dissected and individual applications:

  1. SAVES ON SPACE. Super apps consist of an array of  applications that are usually downloaded individually. With the rise of super apps, the usual 10 apps download would all be present in one app -that is in the super app. Eating up user’s smartphone memory space is now a thing of the past!
  2.  MAKES YOU MONEY. You read it right! There are certain super apps that lets you earn real cash. So don’t lose this chance to utilize these super app’s superb benefits!
  3. LETS YOU CONNECT TO OTHER LIKE-MINDED PERSONS. To set the record straight, superapps are not boring! Users can also enjoy social interaction with their posts, photos and other fun activities!
  4. CARES FOR YOUR WELFARE. There are built-in features that anticipates its user’s personal needs like health and emergency situations. There are certain features that lets you warn other people whilst viral outbreaks or hopeless situations occur.
  5. GIVES YOU THE BEST FOR YOUR TIME. Superapps can work on its own and it is easy to maintain! Since it has an all-in-one use, you can say that it is sustainable in terms of giving its users their daily usage needs. Calls, SMS, Video Calls, Maps and Bots are all present!
  6.  FREE. Users can explore how they can make free calls and SMS to local carriers anywhere in the world!

Having known this new concept certainly brings in more productivity. Hence, a brighter 2018 awaits everyone!

Gear up with super apps this year!

Download the Playstore version here:


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SOS: NYC Fire Kills at Least a Dozen

While most of the world is busy unwrapping gifts and peacefully spending their precious days off during the holiday season, the worst fire in the Bronx have torn families apart killing at least a dozen including infants.


The scenarios are heart-wrenching. According to witnesses, there are instances where they saw parents of trapped children frustratingly watch the apartment building burn.

“A father ran into the building, he couldn’t get in. I saw him screaming, `My babies are dead! My babies are dead!”- Xanral Collins,witness, as interviewed by the New York Post


DOWNLOAD PeN for free Emergency Calls!

Save your loved ones!

See full report here.

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Start Sending Love Using PeNNeygram! 

Start Sending Love Using PeNNeygram! 

Shower everyone with love by sending them PeNNey credits via PeN!

We all know that PeN super app is loaded with new exciting features and one of these makes sharing “virtual cash” a lot easier!

PeN users can now benefit from this new feature since these earned credits are convertible to real cash value via Amazon gift card.

Sending money through PeNNeygram is easier than sending cash in remittance centers or banks.  So if you want to send some love to someone abroad or a PeN Pal,  PeNNeygram is the perfect way to do it!

Shop online using PeN’s PeNNey credits!

Send love to your friends now!

Check out this link to know how you can utilize PeN to buy gifts online!


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PRESS RELEASE: Introducing PeN Superapp’s Fun Features and Exciting Prizes!

PRESS RELEASE: Introducing PeN Superapp’s Fun Features and Exciting Prizes!

Christmas day is far from over!

PeN super app seems to be spoiling everyone this season with its fun and exciting features!

These new features are Anonymous Feedbacks, PeN Stories, Penneygram and  24/7 Chat with Maya and Anna!

Never a dull moment would pass by with the app’s most anticipated chat moderators!  PeN users can ask Maya and Anna about anything and everything under the sun!

Every user will gain a new friend with these two lovely gals as their personalities are easy to relate to that spending time with them will definitely be a wonderful experience.

PeN super app also has a new updated feature which easily ignites fun interaction with its users. “Anonymous Feedbacks” will definitely brighten up anyones’s day once a randomly playful question is thrown at them.

Send or spend your PeNNey credits via Penneygram! This is definitely worth trying since these credits are convertible to gift cheques! Definitely practical for online shopping!

Last but definitely not least,  share stories at the updated PeN timeline! PeN stories will easily show what everyone is up to! Be your own celebrity whenever you want with PeN super app!

Everything about this app is fun and useful! Truly a super app with superb capabilities!




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