2016 PeN Hackathon

The company behind PeN, DMTech, recently held its first ever PeN Hackathon. Though working and stationed on various parts of the globe, it didn’t stop our growing team to showcase their coding skills.

Check out the team and their ideas:

Team: hardCode
Igor Sobolev, Eugene Bokhanov
Project Name:
Funny Geek

Team: FTF
Pavel Soloduha, Kolya Romanchuk
Project Name:
Pocket Refrigerator

Team: HFR
Dmitry Berezkin, Maria Berezkina
Project Name:
Rock, Scissors, Paper

Team: G.E.V.
Member: Evgeni Goleota
Project Name:
Indispensable Tool

Mario Carvalho
Project Name:
Animated PeN GiF

Joao Amaro
Project Name:
Chatinator inside PeN

Congratulations  to Mario Carvalho for winning the 2016 PeN Hackathon! All participants did a wonderful job. We look forward on next year’s event.



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