5 Phone Apps that Ease Out Depression

This era of high technology has its own pros and cons and it’s good to know that the health field is benefiting from it too. Help is just one download away most especially to those who are trying to win a battle towards depression. Here is a list of mobile apps that offers a wide variety of help to their users:

  1. Think Up: Positive Affirmations

Want to break the cycle of negativity? This app will help you further up your positivity game. Record your chants or self-affirmations to cut the blues away. You can even add your own music into it. Think Up can be a great help when you want to change your perspective.

  1. Fabulous: Motivate Me! Relax, Meditate, Sleep

This app is excellent for those who want to try new things but are afraid to start or just don’t know how to start. Fabulous app will let you plot and plan your activities and will help you schedule these to lessen your burdens and anxiety to keep you going one step closer to your higher self. It will tell you when to disconnect and when to start moving. Go try it!

  1. Aware: Your Personal Mindfulness Trainer

There are days when it’s just exhausting for no reason. You can try this app to guide you with your thoughts. Sometimes, the brain is just a little tricky and feeding your body with thoughts you don’t even need. ‘Aware’ is like a therapist that will calm you or sometimes, will just cradle you to sleep bringing you in deep relaxation.

  1. Pen Chat

Sometimes, things just fall apart. Pen Chat has an ‘SOS’ feature where you can readily put the names of people dearest to you. The SOS feature will store the names and numbers of these people in case you have come to a point of harming yourself. Pen Chat will keep this list and will keep you safe by just clicking the SOS button if that point in time will happen (hopefully not!).

  1. Workout Trainer: Fitness Coach

Sometimes, you just need to sweat it out, right? There are studies that says a lot about exercise as a great help beating anxiety and depression. It might be the happy hormones being released during the process. You can try it to release those happy endorphins out.


Posted by Clarisse Javier

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