Mangroves, like an army situated in the forefront of every battle, do the same thing for the environment. It provides security from giant waves and major storms. Mangroves also dwell a rich  variety of species, creates jobs and tourism for people.

The world has witnessed a handful of devastating events caused by natural calamities that cannot be controlled.

Man-made structures, usually backed up by corporations, add more vaunt as if their worth is arguably more than what nature has.

Once Mother Nature reclaims what she owns, nothing can stop her.

A lot of campaigns and efforts trying to salvage what’s left to enjoy on Earth comes up every once in a while, but nothing ever compares to Earth preservation.

One of the few solutions thought to save the Earth’s resources and population from devastating calamities is said to be maintaining landscapes such as mangroves.

“Ang Pulo” Mangrove (Photo courtesy of Clarisse Javier)




Have you ever been to a mangrove?

It’s like going into a forest and an ocean at once, because it literally is like that.



   The view from a make-shift tower in “Ang Pulo”.

Linking the land and the sea, you can get the best of both worlds on mangroves. Its rich and productive environment gives it a viable ecosystem for both flora and fauna.

The density of roots underneath the mangroves make it  possible to block tidal waves effectively. Mangroves are surprisingly easy to maintain.

    The entrance going to “Ang Pulo” Mangrove site.

Actual propagule collected from the site.


Just like “Ang Pulo” in Quilitisan, Batangas, Philippines.

It used to be an unattended piece of property until a people’s organization, PALITAKAN or PRO-MANGROVE ALLIANCE AND IMPLEMENTING TEAM AND ARM AS KILITISAN’S ADVOCATES OF NATURE, decided to manage and develop the land into a mangrove enabling economic opportunities and environmental advantages.

Actual photos of species collated on site. (Photo courtesy of Clarisse Javier)

“Ang Pulo” is a Marine Protected Area and is also recognized by Conservation International. There are lots of activities available for visitors like bird watching, boat riding, kayaking and survival activities.

Do you know a local mangrove in your place? Share it and use the hashtag #PeNxGreenRevolution. Together, we can raise awareness on how to effectively preserve the Earth!

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