Climate change has always been pin-pointed as a major reason leaving quite an impact on┬átoday’s economy and society.

Just recently, Bangladesh was hit by a massive flood leading to extensive damages.

In 1988, a New York Times report has shown water-submerged Bangladesh having difficulties with supplies of clean water. Bangladeshi natives also had to deal with 935-1,800 deaths for that particular incident alone.

It seems like Bangladesh would have to deal with this problem every once in a while.

So what could be the reason behind it? A major contributing factor making Bangladesh prone to flooding could be its location.

Climate change seems to be a secondary factor affecting nature’s call, making geographic location as the primary reason for Bangladesh’s major flooding.

Bangladesh is a riparian zone, basically a floodplain that acts as a water basin when the river swells.

Once the sea level arises, inundating Bangladesh is inevitable. There are several entry ways for the flood water making the country a possible giant water world.

Over time, the population has also inflated making it a lot harder to manage the circumstances. The effects of flood will affect more natives in terms of more difficult access to rescue and relief operations.

But there is always a way to lessen the damages if not preventing the flood itself.

Since Bangladesh primarily lacks the capacity to prevent damages internally as a government, thinking of practical ways to lessen the suffering during flood season is the best idea.

There are initiatives teaching Bangladeshi natives how to make flood-proof houses and flood-proof farming as well.

Since they naturally reside near water systems,it is impractical to ask them to leave to find a safer ground.

Here are some ideas to compensate flood-related situations:

Building houses that are flood-proof. (Image source:

Floating gardens fro embattled farmers. (Image Source: Practical Action)

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You can try these ideas while there is no solid plan on how to address these floods for the mean time.

Posted by Clarisse Javier