Beautiful mole – faced woman to compete in Miss Malaysia

As a young girl, Evita Delmundo was being bullied for having a mole – covered face. For a time, people called her ‘monster’ or ‘chocolate chip cookie’. Even with all the bullying, Evita still decided to keep her moles. In fact, she is going to compete for Miss Malaysia, and who knows if she will be the next Miss Universe.

You can find the full report here.

Evita gained her confidence when she was in secondary school and more students accepted her. From then on, she learned to love herself.

Her mother is a Filipino and her father is from Malaysia.

Of course, she did consider having her moles removed. However, the doctors said it was going to be risky. At a young age of 16, she decided to accept her unique yet beautiful body and face. This inspiring young lady can even sing and play the guitar.

If you ask me, she is redefining beauty and yes, she has a chance at Miss Universe.

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