What are the Best Rewards for your Employees – Time to Give it Back

You might think that cash is the best reward for your employees. While that is true on some occasions, you have to remember that there are other forms of rewards which your employees will appreciate. If you think one of them deserves it, be generous enough to acknowledge it.

Best rewards for your employees (except cash)

Here are some of the best ideas we have gathered.

Work-From-Home Option and Flexible Time

You need to give your team the freedom to work whenever and wherever they want. You shouldn’t worry too much if they will be productive. After all, the reason why you are giving them that privilege is because of their productivity. I’m sure they will be eager to work more to earn the flexibility.

Small Office Party

Why don’t you order pizza for the team and acknowledge their great performance? Such small gestures can go a long way. Plus, having small parties can relieve their stress from work. If you are allowed to bring beer, that would be awesome!

Certificate of Recognition

Sign it. Make it formal. It should motivate your team to work even more. Chances are, it will be hanged on their homes.

Travel Voucher

Your employees or team need a break. The travel voucher doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be an overnight stay in a hotel or a beach getaway for the entire family.

Cup of their Favorite Morning Drink

Try to be observant and know their favorite morning drink or food. Surprise them by leaving these items on their office table.


You can even treat them to a well-deserved massage.

Blast Email

Recognize their efforts by sending a blast email throughout the office. It will make them blush – in a good way.

Lottery Tickets

Of course, you can’t really guarantee a million dollars, but at least you are giving them a chance to win.

Cakes and Other Sweet Treats

You can buy a box of donut or a cake for your team.

Training and Conferences

Your employees would want a career growth. Thus, you can offer them free training and seminars. They are not the only ones that will benefit from it. It’s actually for everyone.

Employee of the Week or Month

You can post their photos on your office billboard, or you can even publish it on your website. Everyone wants to be recognized, right?


Another great idea is to provide groceries to your employees. It’s a simple yet practical reward.

Kid’s Tuition Fees

If you think your company can shoulder the tuition fee of your employee’s children – so be it. Just set a high standard for earning it.

At PeN, the management values its employees by listening to their ideas and incorporating the best ones in our app. We also publish our employee of the week and we give rewards as necessary. Speaking of rewards, we also show our appreciation to our local PeN Pals. Now, you can turn your PeNNey to real-world money and use it to purchase actual items.