Beware of Skimming Device On ATMs – NO PLACE IS TOTALLY SECURED!

Do you think that ATMs in malls are secured than those that can be found outside?

You are WRONG!

One Netizen actually witnessed a skimming device placed in one of the ATMs inside a famous mall in the Philippines. You can read her post below.

Read the article here.

BE VIGILANT!July 6, 2017, 12:56pm, as i was about to withdraw from the ATM at SM Megamall, i found something suspicious in the card slot. It was a pale green slot part which seems to be detachable and the opening was tighter than usual. I took pictures of it (see photo) and immediately reported it to the branch. After 3hrs, the branch called me and confirmed that the suspicious part is a SKIMMING DEVICE.For our PeN pals, make sure you do the following before you consider transacting on an ATM.

  1. Check if there is something unusual about the machine
  2. Report it right away and go!
  3. Always be vigilant and see if someone seems to be watching you
  4. Avoid transacting at night when it is easier for perpetrators to rob you
  5. Use an app that allows you to send SOS or has an emergency button to lure the ‘bad guys’ away! PeN has that for you.

You can always share your smart tips with us. Do not let these good – for – nothing folks win!

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