There is a rumored internet challenge called ‘Blue Whale’, and this isn’t an ordinary one you’d see online. The challenge is known to be the reason for the suicide cases among the Indian youth.

The authorities have not linked any deaths because of this, or if such Blue Whale exists. However, this is causing panic among parents and schools.

What is the Blue Whale?

This name is allegedly being used by an online pressure group wherein there will be a curator for each participant. A test will be given and will run through for 50 days. After that, the participants will be lured to suicide.

Youth Mental Health

Blue Whale is an issue not just about the challenge, but the alarming issue of the youth’s mental health. In India, suicide is the second most common death cause among young people. It is important that parents are more cautious and conscious about their kids behavior. While we do not recommend to spy on them, you just need to be observant.

  • Are there any changes on their routine? 
  • Are they failing school? 
  • Are they speaking about death? 

These are clear signs that something is wrong, and it is recommended that you seek professional help before it is too late.

Suicide is a serious matter and needs to be discussed for further information dissemination. You can share your thoughts in PeN’s community and help other parents.

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Posted by Berniz Isla