Is It Easy to Earn Trust from Your Employees? – How to Do It

To be honest, earning trust isn’t an easy task but certainly not impossible. In doing so, you need to have the genuine intentions.

It would help if you know the ways on how you can get someone else’s trust, in this case from your employees. This is good not just for your personal life, it’s also essential in growing your professional career, or business for that matter. Remember, you can have a wider pool of clients and more productive employees if people trust you, the same way they trust your products and services.

Here’s How You Can Earn Trust from your Employees

What can you offer to the team?

As a leader, you shouldn’t just sit down and see what your employees can give you. You have to get out there and see if there is anything you can help them with. If they see you actually ‘doing’ it (without faking it of course), you are establishing respect and at the same time, trust.

Know what you need and discuss it with clarity.

When your team needs to accomplish something, you have to be clear about the objective. Try to be as clear and concise as you can. Answer questions the best way possible.

Know what and to whom you would delegate the tasks.

This is where you need to trust your employees. Before diving into a project, it is important that you know your employees’ strengths and weaknesses. By doing so, you can properly delegate assignments. From there, you will be certain that they can handle it, enabling you to finish it on time, or even before the deadline.

Always give your honest feedback.

If you want to get their trust, you need to have a dialogue with each and one of them. If you see something out of the norm that might affect the whole team’s performance, it is ideal to talk to the concerned employee. Do not, in any case, humiliate them. Talk to them as calm as possible and be sincere in providing solutions, if needed.

Do not engage in gossips.

Gossips can be tempting, but definitely something you should avoid. Do not encourage such within your team. Make them feel that instead of talking about other’s business, they might as well talk about more positive things.

Admit your mistakes.

You are not perfect. Don’t worry. No one is. If you did something wrong, it is best to admit it. That way, your employees will do the same. You need to set an example, and they will follow the lead.

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Posted by Berniz Isla