On a middling land located in Cavite, Philippines, a charmed flora of Thai greens are being cultured with proud adornment.

Power couple and restaurateurs, Orvin & Sigrid Sayos, find bliss in their abundant crops.

The growing demand from their business, Lime and Basil Thai Restaurant, encouraged them to carefully learn about bringing the crops in their own backyard.

Organic farming is not easy. It takes a lot of patience to succeed in cultivating a single plant. Oftentimes, crop supplies don’t last much that’s why a back-up plan should always be in tow. No wonder most enterprises find no time in engaging with this kind of option, opting to buy instant and chemically-treated choices instead.


A closer look on the crops that instantly brings the distinct taste of Thai delicacies to the Philippines.


                                                            A glance at Lime and Basil’s organic backyard.

Orvin and Sig have so much love for their craft that they’re willing to wager the availability of their food selection for the sake of freshness and being pridefully homegrown.

Sig devoted the restaurant’s menu from the richness of Thailand’s delectable offerings.

The intrinsic flavor these crops give to each viand savor the distinct taste of Thailand.

In their residence-turned-restaurant, you will find a lush backyard filled with different cultivation of crops such as Kaprao and Holy Basil. They also have Thai Basil and Galanggal plants.

From top to bottom: Deep Fried Pig Trotters in Curry Sauce topped with Thai Basil, Salad, Pad Thai and other main courses, Spring Rolls and select desserts.(Photo courtesy of Sig Sayos)


This couple’s passion to serve good food while gratifying the environment is indeed fantastic. It is important for them  to stay organic. Serving a dish should not just be gastronomically good but ecologically gaining as well. One additional factor that pushes them to practice their best is to simply give justice to an all authentic Thai taste.

Regardless of what cuisine they are serving, Orvin and Sig always make sure their customers will have the best on their plate, fresh and delicious!

                                                   PeNxGreenRevolution ‘ECO ICONS’ Orvin and Sigrid Sayos

Their efforts are starting to revolutionize a distinct dining experience that is not only tapping the gastronomic senses but of serving personalized and aesthetically appealing dishes as well.

Their immeasurable appreciation for food and the environment unexpectedly bears a standpoint that is favorable to them, having something that is uniquely distinguished to their craft.

Indeed, Orvin and Sig are rightful icons symbolizing their passion for good food and love for the environment.

Ingenuity and passion contrived a masterpiece, that is Lime and Basil.


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