Effective Rewards for your Teens – It’s Not About Money!

If you are a parent of a teenager, you sometimes ask yourself why they act so much different from your younger self. You know what – it’s probably the same thing that your parents asked when you were still a teen.

Teenagers are expected to be experimental. They are still learning who they really are, and what they really want. It’s fine if you sometimes give them advice, most especially if you think they are bound to make a HUGE mistake. But it would be also good for them to receive rewards from you every now and then. Rewards do not have to come after a massive achievement. Even their small improvements and efforts should be recognized.

And NO, we are talking about giving them money all the time. There are other forms of rewards which you can give your kids. Here are some of the best ideas we’ve seen.

Best rewards for your teens

If your teen shows great behavior or stopped a habit which you think is not good, consider giving them the following:

Extended curfew. 

You might want to give your teens an additional hour with friends. I’m pretty sure you are a bit worried about all the crimes happening around. So to ease your worries a bit, you can ask your teens to download PeN and teach them the SOS features. This will allow them to send emergency messages or they can use it to attract attention, if needed.

A tight hug. 

Remember the days when you used to hug your teens (most likely they were still kids back then)? Hugging your teens or giving them a high-five, the least, is a great way to affirm them. If you must know, hugging releases oxytocin which can make us feel happy. You see, there are times when our teens wouldn’t admit that they are going through something. Just give them a hug and that will make a difference.

Extended computer time. 

I bet that an extended computer time would mean so much to them. But make sure that you will do this on a weekend. Just make a strict rule about this because you wouldn’t want their school grades to be affected. Would you?

Sleepover with friends. 

You can also suggest to your teens to invite their friends over. Order pizza, allow them to watch their favorite movies, and prepare cold sodas. I guarantee – you will be their favorite. and your house will be the go-to place! This is a great idea because you will be able to assess if your teen is spending time with a good circle.

A concert ticket.

How about concert tickets? You can also join if you want too. But if you think that it would make your teen a bit uncomfortable, you can just offer a ride.

Bedroom Makeover. 

Give your teen the freedom to change his or bedroom design. If they want to put posters of their favorite bands (even if you think the band sucks), let them be. At least from this, they can already maximize their creativity.

New clothes. 

Need I say more? Teens love new clothes. You can just give them a budget and take them for a shopping.



Posted by Berniz Isla