Poverty is the world’s biggest problem. Around 3 Billion people live below the poverty line with an average income of 2.5$ per day, while 1.3 Billion people are living around 1.25$ per day.

In the recent Web Summit, there were lots of talk about spreading the wealth and wealth creation for everyone, particularly in AI. However, all these talks are about investing in countries that are already rich and prosperous.

Why not do something where it counts for most people? The 3 Billion people that also matter!

PeN’s services are designed to help solve this poverty problem with each feature targeted towards the inclusion of the under-served population. Our aim is to bring the same opportunities to all, including under-served communities. Hence, we are connecting the world.

In the markets where our PeN Pals are located, there are almost 1B people living along the poverty line. Our aim is to reduce that and make a positive impact to communities where our PeN Pals are.

So what are we doing to help solve the poverty problem? We realize that we alone can not solve the entire poverty problem. But we do know we are doing the little ways we can to be of help. We are doing what we can in our own little ways to alleviate poverty such as:

Making innovations in communications and information available to everyone

Similar to what you see and experience in biggest economies of the world. And we make communications and information available even when internet connection is slow and when there is no internet connection at all.

Enabling the micro-sharing economy

We share the benefits we earn. That might not be a lot to some people in rich countries but our PeN Pals can essentially win, earn or mine at least 5000 PeNNeY rewards per month. That amount alone is twice as much as what 3 Billion people along the poverty line lives from in a month. PeNNeY rewards can be used to exchange for real world monetary values and for 1B people in our main markets, that’s a substantial earning power.

Avoiding infectious diseases

In places with low spending power, it also tends to be the same places that suffer from the worst disease outbreaks. In PeN Pulse, we help our PeN Pals avoid areas with infectious diseases outbreaks by providing early warnings. We also enable them to share known outbreaks. This information is shared to others to help isolate and eradicate outbreaks of infectious diseases

Ensuring personal safety and security

Countries that have high poverty rate also tend to have less infrastructure to deal with emergencies. With PeN SOS, we ensure that you are always one button away from help, either from family, friends, contacts or the public safety authorities in your country.

The more PeN Pals using PeN, the more we can contribute back to you and your communities. Invite your friends and acquaintances to use the PeN and together let us help the world alleviate poverty.



Posted by Ian Vernon

Ian Vernon is the CEO of Dark Matter AB that operates PeN. He consider himself as a student of life with passion for innovation and would like to make the world a better place even in.