A father wanted to teach his daughter’s bully a lesson, and ironically, became a bully himself. He did so by slapping the face of a 9- year old boy who allegedly bullies his daughter.

He was originally fined for his actions but prosecutors believed that it was a lenient sentence. Now, he is going to spend 2 weeks in jail.

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According to the report, the father went to the school and was allowed to go in with an excuse that he will talk to the principal. However, he went to the classroom and looked for the alleged bully. He then slapped him and gave ‘lessons’ to the students. His fingers even marked on the boy’s face.

The man is said lacking remorse and even blamed the school for the incident.

As a parent myself, this has personally affected me. By no means should another parent hurt a child, especially not his own – in order to correct any misdoings. The best way I could think of is to approach the authorities in school, or better yet, have a dialogue with the parents of the ‘bully’ and settle things in a more civilized manner.

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