When I first joined RISE Conference in Hong Kong, there was a dedicated spot for Women In Tech. I’ve seen a number of women of different nationalities and I thought, “Are there Filipinas qualified here?”. But that was just a random thought and I didn’t give much importance to that.

Not until I read Teresa  Condicion’s credentials. 

Maybe this is the start that Filipina Moms should be engaging more with technology, or perhaps leading some of its legs.

Who is Teresa Condicion?

Teresa is the Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer of Snapcart, a mobile application that gives shoppers cashback for scanning their receipts while they collect significant amount of purchase data. This allows them to analyze and offer real time shopper information to various brands.

Snapcart is Asia’s first real-time shopper engagement app where it allows brands to connect with its consumers directly. It’s garnered various awards globally, and hailed as the top 22 most disruptive companies in the world by Disrupt 100 organization.

She is responsible in harnessing, managing, and analyzing Snapcart’s data analytics and machine learning platforms to deliver deep shopper insights to clients.


But this was not an overnight success, nor something that was out of luck….SHE WORKED HARD FOR IT!

Teresa Condicion was formerly Procter & Gamble Consumer Insights A. Director. She has 17 years of experience in Consumer Insights across Asia with 10 years of experience in advanced analytic, creating multiple innovations for P&G globally.

She finished a degree in Engineering from the University of Santo Tomas and was a Cum Laude (without much of a surprise).

And as a mom like me, I am extremely inspired on how she balances her time with her boys, and still have time to hit the gym.

If PeN is gearing towards being a SUPER app, Teresa is our SUPER MOM!


We are always on the lookout for amazing Filipina moms like Teresa Condicion. She’s one of our inspirations to make PeN a leading app across the globe.

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Posted by Berniz Isla