Already completing your Christmas gift list? If you’re thinking of a more significant way of spending the holidays, you better check this out.
In the Philippines, Christmas season usually starts as early as September. You can literally hear Christmas songs and see festive decors on any public places once the 1st of September hits the calendar.
Christmas is all about giving and this year, an exceptional organization is planning to make Christmas more meaningful by reaching out to persons with disabilities.
GUIDE, Inc. or (Guided and Unified Interaction for the Development of Children, Inc, a non-stock-non-profit volunteer service organization, is conducting its 7th annual event for persons with disabilities (PWD). Concurring on the same day as the International Day of People with Disabilities on the 3rd of December 2017, the ‘Kasama, Sama Ka (KSK)’ event will treat young PWD a fun and engaging day where they can enjoy and show off their talents. The event is set to distribute gifts and prizes for the 1000 PWD participants.
Dr. Gerry Duwin A. dela Zerna, president and founder of GUIDE, Inc.,  organized KSK to raise awareness for PWD and for them to be more accepted in the society.
“KSK is one way of demonstrating inclusiveness in our society where PWD are also given that equal chance to be at par with their counterparts”, explained dela Zerna.
GUIDE Inc. is in need of 1,200 volunteers to make the event more successful. These volunteers would attest to the group’s interest of embodying genuine acceptance of every PWD in the community. Dr. dela Zerna also appeals to the public’s generous hearts through donation of bath towel, bath soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpaste and slippers that would be included in the loot bags.
If you think volunteerism will only help the handicapped, you haven’t explored the benefits it could provide the volunteers yet.
According to  Habitat For Humanity, volunteering does more for the volunteers. It can create new jobs or promotions strengthening career profiles and resumes; being involved in other people’s milestones;  create a longer, lasting and meaningful life ; and travel opportunities around the world.
“If Christmas has led to the beginning of Christianity, GUIDE, Inc. is leading toward acceptance of PWD in the community. Christmas is a symbol of love, peace and joy at the same time that KSK emboldens hope, caring and generosity”, said Dr. dela Zerna.
GUIDE, Inc. is a volunteer-driven organization geared towards helping children with physical, intelectual and emotional disorders/disabilties. For donations, volunteer sign-up and more,  kindly contact Dr. Gerry dela Zerna at +63 917 843 7758. 


Posted by Clarisse Javier