Flight Delayed? – What You Need to Do

This is too personal for me to write, because as of the moment, I am sitting on the floor, in an airport, waiting for a delayed flight. 

If this happened to me 5 years ago, I would get furious. Yes, I was a control freak and when things don’t go my way – I will get mad! But maybe when you mature, or when you learn to let go of things out of your control, life will be easier, and happier I might add.

3 hours delayed for a domestic flight

Let me give you some practical tips when your flight gets delayed


Yes, it can be a bit frustrating but come to think of it, can you do something about it? Instead of feeling bad, divert your attention to things you can do while killing time in the airport.

Send a message to your families and friends

It is important that you notify your families and friends if your flight gets delayed. If you are traveling for work, always notify your colleagues. This is so they can also manage their schedules if they are expecting you. At least they can also do more things with their spare time.

Get a cup of coffee, or ice cream

Calm down. Again, the first few minutes of knowing that your flight is delayed can be annoying, but let’s reiterate, ‘YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT’. I got a salad and juice though, because coffee makes me nervous. Point is, get a comfort food.

Write down your tasks

You can also use your time wisely by planning your days ahead. Get your tablet, or your notebook and write down your plans. It would help if you prioritize the most important and urgent ones. By doing so, you are already programming yourself to be productive once you reach your destination.

Go to the nearest charging station

Oh yes! That’s what I am doing right now. I am currently charging my power bank, cellphone, and laptop. I mean, you can’t really tell if there will be further delays. At least if you charge your gadgets, you can do more things for later.

Turn on your laptop

Obviously, I turned on mine. I am now writing an article for you, PeN Pals with high hopes of helping you on your next flight.

Buy a magazine or book

It would also be good to detach yourself from the ‘wired’ world. Grab a magazine and read.

Make new friends

Ahhhh! This one is my favorite. I love talking to strangers and making friends. You would be surprised how much you guys have in common. Case in point, a volunteer from World Vision approached us and with a little bit of chitchat, we found out that we all live in the same province. Pretty cool, right?

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Posted by Berniz Isla