The Future of Health Care Lies in Genetic Analysis

There’s more to high-technology machines that are abundantly found in the health industry nowadays. These machines are helpful. Yes, they are capable of scanning and testing all sorts of information from patients with a wide variety of needs. This information would then dictate what kind of prescription a health provider would give a patient, as well as the confirmation of the symptoms to its corresponding disease. But is there anything more than that piece of information is useful to? Seems like a never-ending cycle, right? So, what lies ahead the future of health care? Genetic Analysis.

FDA microbiologist prepares DNA samples for gel electrophoresis analysis
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Chen Qiyu, the Chairman and Executive Director of Fosun Pharmaceuticals in China, believes that there’s more to all these data that patients and health practitioners can do with. After conducting a talk in the recent RISE 2017 in Hong Kong, Chairman Qiyu simply answered “Genetic Analysis”, when asked about the future of health and medicine. Having access to vital information about a person’s whole genetic make-up could simply eradicate diseases that are difficult to cure or even those without known cures yet. Having a database of such would provide a more precise process in practicing treatments and developments. Genetic Analysis could possibly make healthcare most effective with the aid of advance information technology.


Genetic Analysis is carefully done in laboratories that usually take numerous processes to finish. When a simpler method has finally developed, it will be more available and could probably start a new era in the field of Medicine. “It will let everybody understand more by analyzing the genes.” Chairman Qiyu said. It will open new doors to therapeutic techniques and could even solve rare medical mysteries that seemed impossible to cure. He also said that consumers will finally have a great source of health management. When symptoms show up earlier, they would know what to do with those findings. The key point is to integrate current I.T to all available information that would store information about everybody’s health. With Fosun Group’s  capabilities and expertise, it won’t be impossible to see this advancement in our lifetime.


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