Get to know the AWESOME CEO of PeN, Ian Vernon

Hello PeN Pals,

How long have you been using our app? Don’t you think it’s amazing?

Well, what do you expect? We have an AWESOME CEO!

And to know him better, we decided to ask him few questions which we thought you might like to know.

Let’s keep the ball rolling and get to know our CEO, Ian Vernon.

PeN Chat's CEO, Ian Vernon

PeN’s CEO, Ian Vernon


Give us an introduction of yourself. What do you do? 

Ian Vernon : “I consider my self a student of life and constantly learning. I have a passion for innovation and helping to make this world a better place in my own small ways towards a better future for the less fortunate. I am helping connect the world through PeN.”

When did you start creating the app?

Ian Vernon : “Development of PeN started in 2015 and launched in 2016 with more than two hundred thousand PeN Pals in the first 2 months.”

Among all your projects, which one do you think is the most successful app/ project that you have created? 

Ian Vernon : “I would like to think that PeN will be the most successful. I have been involved in revolutionizing customer experiences in mobile  devices and advancing the way we allocate radio resources in the wireless industry, however I believe what we do in PeN is much more beneficial to humanity.”

What pushed you to create the PeN? What’s the objective of creating it? 

Ian Vernon : “In PeN, we wanted to connect the world for free. When I say connecting the world I mean it in various ways. It can be through providing free communications whether you are online or offline. It can be through social posts or digital presence. More importantly connecting you to your friends and family when you needed it the most, or when you least expect it.”

Tell us about the team behind PeN. 

Ian Vernon : PeN is collection of individuals with a common goal to connect the world and help make a better tomorrow. We are located in various continents, comprising of an ever growing number of nationalities. In PeN we say we don’t have traditional national borders, we all work globally for all of humanity.”

What makes it special? 

Ian Vernon : PeN is bringing the power of the internet and social media to those who have never been had experiences to be online or to those who can’t afford to be online. Let’s say today you and me have a smartphone with a broadband connection, how do we reach out to those in areas with not so good or no internet connection? How do we do this for free? In PeN we connect the world for free, from enabling calls to any valid phone number, wired or wireless, to giving digital presence to small shops around the corner without any cost to them.”

Where do you see PeN, say 5 years from now?

Ian Vernon : “In 5 years i would like to see PeN surpassing its 100 million user mark, while introducing another 50M people to the power of the internet and helping another 50M people connect to their friends and family who don’t have internet connection. I see mom and pop stores being online able to show and see their products without having to pay the cost of digital presence like we do today. I see PeN as one of the major super apps where you can do almost everything in the app from communicating to a friend, to arranging a meet-up, to shopping to ensuring that you are always safe and secure. In 5 years we will also have several advance capabilities in PeN particularly in AR, AI, digital butler or bots, blocked chain and other cool feature we have not even thought of today.”

How do you plan to market or to reach your goal?  

Ian Vernon : “We in PeN would like to see every person in all corners of the globe to be connected to each other. Due to this we work with communities to use PeN as their preferred social network and all in one app. We also reach out to as many people as we can in various countries through social media, advertising and word of mouth. This of course is coupled with real world useful feature, excellent customer service and a great experience in using PeN and its associated services.”

Give us an idea on how to start up an app? 

Ian Vernon : “To start developing an app is easy. Generate an idea and start coding in the platform you prefer, this you can do by yourself. However finding the right idea that will grow and succeed is harder. Building a company out of the idea is even more challenging and here you need the right team to work with you and believe in what you wanted to achieve.”

Apart from PeN, what keeps you busy? 

Ian Vernon : “Apart from PeN, well kids and activities with them every other weekend occupy my time. To unwind I go to the gym every other day and try to go everyday if I can. Working out  clears the mind and gives you a fresh start each day and good night sleep at night. I read a lot as well and follow sports, although these to me are more relaxing than keeping me busy. I am part of several communities in Sweden helping start-up grow and succeed.”

How do you keep your balanced lifestyle? 

Laid back interview with PeN’s CEO, Ian Vernon during his visit in the Philippines.

Ian Vernon : “It’s a matter of time management. I work a lot, long hours but I make sure I have time for other things I want to do by simplifying the decisions I need to make that is not related to PeN or are not critical or important. Exercise and relaxation are very important so you don’t feel stressed about time.”

Do you have plans to create more apps? If yes, how do you get ideas? 

Ian Vernon :  “Yes. PeN in itself is a super app. However there are things we can’t do in PeN and is better in a separate app. Ideas are the easy part.. you typically look at what makes your life or life of other people easier… then create an app for that.”

Aren’t you afraid of your competitors? 

Ian Vernon : “The big ones? No. We believe that by pushing the boundaries we can all create a better world, a better tomorrow.”

What’s your business model? 

Ian Vernon :  PeN is free to users. It’s free to shop owners as well. Like Google or Facebook – we are advertising driven.”

Your words of wisdom for those who would like to start an app. 

Ian Vernon :   “If you have an idea and you think its a good one then make it happen. Go build it. If it’s truly good it will turn into a successful company. If it’s bad then you learned how to build an app and the mistakes in doing so.”


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