Starting out a family can be a handful so choosing the right life partner is important. This young couple found each other and couldn’t ask for more. You couldn’t deny how devoted they are to each other. Meet Aman and Palvi Malli from Daly City, California. The Indian couple met in the Philippines but decided to live in the States. When they first met, they knew they were a match made in heaven. Not long after their first meeting, they made a life-long decision to be each other’s spouse.

Raising a family is tough but it seems nothing for Aman and Palvi. Every thing is worth it because they care and support each other. They recently received their greatest gift, Jass, their first-born child. Aman, as the head of the family, is always busy at work but still find time to relax and enjoy his time with his family. Palvi, on the other hand, juggles work and her new life as a mom. She will eventually enter medical school to continue her plans of becoming a medical doctor. On their free time, they eat out at restaurants, visit parks and watch movies.

Life in America is fast-paced and chaotic but for these two, they are certainly sure how to deal with it. Aman and Palvi are so in love with each other that even stress won’t bring them down. They are very lucky to have ¬†supportive family and friends. This Indian couple is truly thankful and blessed. Life, they deal with it together, one day at a time. Indeed, love keeps them going.

Posted by Clarisse Javier

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