GLOBAL EXPATS FEATURE: The Pickled Piper Chronicles

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If you’re stuck on a foreign country for a job contract that needs to be fulfilled, how would you plan to enjoy it?

Some may find comfort in shopping or get practical by getting an extra job but some others search for more adventure!

Meet Piper Nicolas, our latest featured expat from Indonesia. She works as a pre-school teacher in one of the country’s best kindergarten.

Look at how she spends time away from her home country, the Philippines.

Piper made an account of her trips on a video blog where every exquisite feature of the places she visit gets highlighted. Most of these travels are with her girl friends who are equally adventurous as well!

Check out Piper’s vlogs and advenutres below:

When going home isn’t an option yet, expats around the world are lucky to still feel connected to their home even when they are miles away. With the help of technology, they can reach out and find other things to keep them occupied hence Piper’s vlogs.

Sometimes, Piper and her friends would go on road trips on a regular day. Spontaneous trips usually bring them to random food spots that is worth a day’s fun just like this featured trip on her Youtube page!

Watch out for more as Pickled Piper gets regular features on the Global Expats community from now on!

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Posted by Clarisse Javier