Check out this awesome  team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia consisting of Filipino common workers! For a nation who customary sends their natives in other lands to contribute to their economy's growth, there's nothing unusual anymore when a Filipino decides to leave the country for good in exchange of a greener pasteur. Adjusting to a new life depends on every unique situation but when a dearth of homesickness kicks in, Filipinos appear to have mastered the spirit of 'Bayanihan' and knows pretty sure how to cure a 'Kabayan' longing for home.

Their group, the FILIPINO OFW SPORTS LEAGUE IN MALAYSIA or FOSLIM, has 30 active all-girl members and still growing. It all started with a vision to work in harness with other Filipinos to show a strong force of valuable individuals who are not just common workers in a foreign land, but  good and decent people who excel in camaraderie and sports. They play various team sports, volleyball and basketball at most times.

There were sad instances when employers just won't allow their workers to go outside their workplace. "Marami po'ng amo na hindi pumapayag bigyan ng day off ang kanilang mga kasambahay dahil ayaw nilang mapunta sa masamang barkada.(There are lots of employers who won't allow their employees to have a day off because they were afraid that they will just be introduced to wrong acquiantances that would lead to vices and being unprofessional)," said Maryjul, the spokesperson of the team handling their social media account. It's just an example of what these foreign workers face abroad, they are susceptible to partiality and prejudice.

Good thing their team started to make a good mark. When their employers learned about their sports team, a surge in members came in. Their employers have finally let them enjoy the company of their fellow 'Pinoys'. They just eat at picnics after a tiring game while having a good laugh. FOSLIM  is setting a good standard in terms of social acceptance. Hence, a polished track record and happier days await these workers. They have found an outlet where they can divert their attention instead of just thinking of their families back in the Philippines.


For now, this team of Filipino sports-enthusiasts just want to enjoy the company of each other while playing all sort of sports on their free time to keep them active physically and mentally while having fun. They want other Filipinos to know about them so they can join their team and be introduced into their exciting world! The Filipino hospitality has always been impressive. Keep it up!


Posted by Clarisse Javier

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