Their seat covers have turned vegan! Raising awareness carbon footprint reduction seems to be a class act for this car manufacturer. After introducing electric cars that are way less demanding for coal usage, Tesla did it once again by replacing the leather seats in their cars with a more eco-friendly option. Tesla found a better supplier of seat covers that doesn’t require animal cruelty and started switching to synthetic leather instead.

It all started when PETA asked Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, if they can offer only vegan leather for its car interiors. Tesla CEO Elon Musk obligingly responded by eventually converting their seat covers to synthetic ones. The usage of animal skin as seat covers contribute to deforestation. The demand for leather correlates with an even greater supply of cattle skins.

MODEL X, the car model that first used synthetic covers, are getting great reviews. Not only that it was made free from animal cruelty but the new covers are more practical to use. Tesla made these new covers hydrophobic and stain-resistant which made it perfect for users even those with kids. Stains are no longer a problem with the MODEL X. Stains caused by coffee, apple juices or even ketchup won’t stain the car’s beautiful interior.

Although cattle are mainly killed for their meat, switching to synthetic covers takes less reasons to kill these poor cows. One small initiative still makes a big difference. It’s about time these animals get attention.

Bravo, Tesla!

Check out this couple’s review of their own MODEL X:

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