Natural disasters are painful reminders that anything can change in instant.

Just recently, a category 4 monstrous hurricane hit Houston, Texas. Houston is located in a low-lying area thus no matter how seriously prepared they got, the storm still surprised them by its strength and amount of rain it left.

People living outside the area are able to raise help through social media. By posting addresses, contact numbers and pictures of affected citizens in Houston, it gets easier for rescuers to reach their locations.

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The hurricane seriously caused damaged properties and cost lives but on the other hand, it has also  paved way to show the true spirit of heroism among Americans.

A number of posts online are truly inspiring to see making humanity alive again.


Check out these photos circulating on social media.




Laurence Seiterle (@downtownsanantoniodeveloper) impressively helped out hundreds of civilians using his boat. (Image Source: Credits to the Owner)



Dallas DogRRR (@dallasdogrrr) passionately rescued animals from flooded shelters.(Image Source: Credits to the Owner)



Constable Christopher Diaz saved a toddler who got separated from her mother.(Image Source: Credits to the Owner)



Daniel H. Garza (@dannyboy_nl) determined to find a good Samaritan who can help a friend’s mother. (Image Source: Credits to the Owner)


Tony Snow (@iamyopusha) and his friends personally helped out stranded individuals.    (Image Source: Credits to the Owner)


18 year-old Amelia McKee (@ameliamckee) risked her life just to provide help to anyone in need.  (Image Source: Credits to the Owner)


The hurricane is reported to be far from over. Dams are starting to pour out and more rain are expected to land.


These people are making the situation a lot easier and their characters have made a mark on every person’s life they have helped.


Hurricane Harvey may have devastated the entire city but never will it crush the spirit of a true-blue American.

We are with you during these trying times.

Texans will surely recover from this.







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