Today, another musical icon died. Chester Bennington committed suicide. The singer is known to have been struggling with drugs and alcohol abuse and in fact,  said he considered killing himself as he had been abused by an older male as a kid. Chester is a close friend of Chris Cornell, who also hanged himself a couple of months ago.

Now, it’s hard not to be alarmed with the increasing number of deaths due to substance abuse which actually, most of the time, rooted from depression. If you have friends or kids whom you think are suffering from it and might be on the verge of abusing drugs, or worst, killing themselves, it is best to know how to help them before it ends tragically.

This is a short checklist which you can use to identify the signs and symptoms of depression

  1. Extreme sadness
  2. Short temper
  3. Frequent crying
  4. Avoiding family and friends
  5. Stop doing things which are of interest
  6. Bad school performance
  7. Drastic changes in sleeping and eating habits
  8. Agitated
  9. Always guilty
  10. Lack of enthusiasm
  11. No energy
  12. Lack of concentration
  13. Inexplainable aches and pains

Best to talk to your teens, or better yet – GET HELP!

How about suicide? How can you tell if one person is? 

  1. They talk about it, or even joke about it
  2. They speak death as if it is the best thing
  3. Writing or drawing things related to death
  4. Having a lot of accidents
  5. Giving things to loved ones
  6. Saying sincere goodbyes
  7. Looking for weapons and other means that can end their lives

How do you communicate with a depressed teen? 

  • LISTEN – Don’t Judge
  • Acknowledge what they feel!

Again, get help before it’s too late.

At PeN, we value mental health. We want to spread the word on how we can help those who are suffering from depression, and we want to save them from further trouble. If you want to share your stories, feel free to create a community on PeN.

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