Most of us have been bullied at least once. For some, bullying is just a childish act that we can all let go once we grow up. However, it is important to note that at some extent, bullying can scar one’s life not just physically, but more so mentally and psychologically.

In some morbid movies, those who have been bullied will take revenge in the worst possible way. Have you seen the movie ‘Carrie’? That’s what I am talking about and probably that’s enough reason for us to stop picking on other kids.

But for one man from the Philippines, his tactic was a bit different. As a form of revenge, he decided to change himself.

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Dave Villanueva was criticized during his early life for his looks. While he is far from being ugly, our society dictates a standard which I would personally say – absurd. Instead of drowning himself in depression, he made a commitment to make his life better. He changed his lifestyle and took conscious effort to look good. Lo and behold, he does look REALLY GOOD!

You can check his transformation from this Facebook Page.

This story is truly inspiring and a must – share for those who would like to change. Indeed, you need to start with yourself.

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