Designing Artificial Intelligence to be Fun, Useful and Friendly

If you are currently a PeN user, or a Pen Pal as we call our users, you have probably had several interactions with our conversational AI.

Little Miss Omniscient

One conversational AI is PeNelope, a straight-forward and all-knowing conversational AI.

It can tell any factual information like the current weather in any city , pressing news and hot topics around the world; it even assists with real-time currency conversion as well mathematical and scientific questions.

Not Your Typical Trendsetters

Ana, Maya and Preity have adopted the personality of their human hosts. Do not get confused but they are still conversational AI’s.


These AI’s act and behave like the human models they were based on; providing both enlightening factual information and entertaining conversation to PeN users.

Giving the PeN AI a relatable human personality somehow lean it towards becoming and acting like a friend, a virtual friend.

AI’s Learning Process

This is just the beginning. PeN is fully committed to using voice interface to interact with several Artificial Intelligence in PeN.

PeN AI’s are learning and soon enough, you will experience the updates of their capabilities.

The AIs are learning to execute commands in PeN by simply using your voice without having to click or tap buttons and icons on your screen.

It is also currently learning to speak and translate 10 languages and help you do your shopping online at your favourite shopping portals.

The use of voice interface instead of touch or gesture is the most natural way to interact, its like talking to a friend or even a personal assistant.

AI for the Betterment of Human Experience

By using voice as the main AI interface, PeN aims to be as user friendly as possible allowing you to use PeN in any situations, even while driving.

By not being glued to the screen:

(1) we can reduce accidents;

(2) we can reduce the ill effects of typing and tapping your phone all the time;

(3) we can reduce the bad effects to your eyesight on staring at the screen for extended periods of time;

(4) we can increase real-world human interactions;

(5) and more importantly we can make it more fun again to see what is in-front of you.

Benefits of Voice Interaction

We recognise that touch or gesture are not the future of interaction, the future of interaction is what we as humans have been using for tens of thousands of years, voice.

Touch and gesture, although useful are very limited. Limiting you to looking at the screen either to learn specific gestures or to execute certain commands.

Why do you need to learn a set of gestures when you can simply say what you want the application or device to do?

Voice is the most natural way to communicate our thoughts. It is also the most natural way to ask the AI to do something for you.

Over the Screen-Glued Generation

Just imagine a day will come when you dont have to bother to look at the screen to search for the information you need or do what ever you want socially…

Ultimately, voice and touch will intertwine. For the AI to be useful and friendly, it must recognise both commands and improve touch interactions through shortcuts making it as simple as voice.

That day is very close, thanks to PeN!

We can now take back our generation glued to the screen to finally see the beauty of the world again.



Posted by Ian Vernon

Ian Vernon is the CEO of Dark Matter AB that operates PeN. He consider himself as a student of life with passion for innovation and would like to make the world a better place even in.

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