Filipino foreign workers in Barcelona, Spain must be so lucky to have true heroes around them.

During the August 2017 terror attack in Spain, Jaime Gutierrez actively looked around to provide a helping hand to anyone who might be needing it.

The terror attack victimized a Filipino family in Barcelona vacationing from Ireland.


During one of Jaime’s visits to the Filipino terror victims in BCN. (Photo courtesy of Jaime Gutierrez)

Jaime, out of his goodwill, searched for the location of the said family to make sure of their safety. Fortunately, he found the victims and made sure that his fellow Filipinos’ needs are being met. He observed and offered moral support until the victims have completely recovered.

Jaime stayed and assisted the victims without asking for anything in return.

Jaime during one of the awareness rallies after the terror attack in BCN, Spain.

Jaime has been residing in Barcelona, Spain for some time now. He’s a very active person and just like every OFW, he works his heart out for his family.

“Jimmy”, as he is fondly called by people close to him, may look serious but is full of humor and fun.


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As a family man, he is obviously loved by his offspring and grandchildren.

He knows his priorities but he also makes sure that he is able to help people in dire situations, especially his ‘kababayans’ in Barcelona.

He is a good leader who helps other individuals in Spain through their civic group called 1-GANAP which helps citizens wholly.


When he arrived in Barcelona, he had a difficult time landing a job. The first opportunity that he got was to be a church sweeper which he gladly obliged wholeheartedly. He knows how it is to start at the bottom so now that he’s doing better, he makes sure to be a guiding light for everyone who is starting out on their own in a foreign land.

The world needs more people like Jaime.

His deeds are proof that you don’t need tons of money to help. Being genuinely caring like Jaime is all that it takes, no strings attached.

Indeed, the world is a better place having him around.


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