Let your Beauty Take Flight – Get to know a local makeup artist from the Philippines – Stephen Kirby

How many times have you watched a make-up tutorial video and told yourself,  ‘I wish I can look that great!’. If you have the hands and the eye to do your own make-up, that can be an instant reality. But for those who are just like me – clumsy as ever, it can be a real pain! I tried doing my make – up and ended up extremely frustrated.

Until such time that I can perfect that craft, I will hire a professional to do my hair and glam look for special occasions. Here’s one of the blossoming make-up artists in the Philippines, Stephen Kirby, and let us get to know him better with few questions that I am sure you are dying to ask.

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1) How did your passion for make-up start?

It all started when I did some artworks (painting) during my pastime whenever I wasn’t flying (I’m also a Flight Attendant). It then hit me! It gave me an idea to use people’s faces as my canvas and make myself more productive, plus adding few bucks into my savings from make-up gigs.

2) To date, who are your biggest clients?

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My biggest clients so far from the Entertainment industry are icons like Mr. Boy Abunda, Cesar Montano, Sheryln Reyes, Nora Aunor. In addition, I was able to work with sports icons and heartthrobs, James and Phil YoungHusband. Let’s not forget the Beauty Queen, Shamsey Supsup. I am also lucky to have worked with big advertising agencies and publishing houses like Brandworx, Red, Spark and BC magazine.

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3) What are your tips for those who would like to venture in the same industry?

Never stop from believing in yourself. Do what you are passionate about and the money will automatically follow. If you follow your passion, regardless if it is make-up artistry, music, or food, you’ll never go wrong.

4) Best schools/ training camps for learning make-up?

Truth be told, I do not believe that schools will greatly impact your techniques when it comes to make – up artistry. It’s all about practice and doing your own experiments. But if you really want to go on a formal training, then these would be your best bets.


  • Makeup Forever Academy
  • Center for Aesthetic Studies.


  • Itm Paris – School De Maquillage in Paris
  • MUD Studio Milano (Make Up Designory Italy)
  • Makeup Forever Academy in Singapore

5) What are your favorite make-up brands?

  • RCMA
  • Lorac
  • Tarte
  • Mac
  • Urban Decay
  • Cinema Secrets
  • Kiko Milano

6) For those who would like to venture into this kind of business, how do you get clients?

Build your portfolio. Start with your family and friends, then from there get referrals. If you can make yourselves visible online, then make your own website and social media accounts.

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7) How much can you earn from this industry as someone’s who’s just starting? 

It depends on the type of make-up. You can ask for as little as PHP 3,500 up to PHP 45,000 or even more!

Like PeN, Stephen Kirby’s passion is what ignites us to improve our services to our users.

It doesn’t matter as to which industry you want to go into. As long as you put your heart into it, it will end smoothly (although with minor bumps along the way)…

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