Let’s Make Miracles HapPeN – Dhael Love

Dhael Love is a fighter – no doubt about it. In 2014 she was born without pulse and was not breathing. But miraculously, she survived. Unfortunately, this led to Cerebral Palsy.

Know her story from Go Fund Me.

Months have passed and she underwent series of therapies. Everything seemed to be fine but then again, she became ill last December and is now fighting for her dear life. There are days when she is relatively fine. But the worst would be when she was in coma. However, a fighter that she already is, she survived once again.


Even if she is now feeling better, she will need to undergo various medical procedures. And this, our dear PeN Users, is where we need your help. Apart from your prayers, we ask you to share¬†Dhael Love’s story with the intent to raise funds for her treatment.

Let’s help this little fighter to further enjoy what life has to offer.

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