Why I Love the Concept of Sharing – The World’s Resources Should Be Enough

Often times I wonder, why are there so many people below the poverty line, and why are there some who are extremely rich? Of course, there are a lot of things to factor in, right? Some people have more opportunities, while others, unfortunately, do not have it.

But then I think again, can those who are considered ‘privileged’ share what they have? Can you imagine how amazing this world will be if we enjoy the same things? There will be no hunger, no poverty, and no jealousy. 

I guess it will all boil down to one thing. Most of us are trained to go up the ladder. We are animals by nature and we want to win – even if we really don’t have an idea what we are fighting for. Often times, we forget about those who are below us.

Isn’t it about time that we pull them up too?

I guess, what we need to learn now is to live a simple life. By having that kind of thinking, we are not enclosed in a materialistic mindset. We find happiness by doing good to others and by paying it forward instead of getting things, which most of the time – we don’t really need.

Personally, I think that the world’s resources are enough for all of us. It’s how it was meant to be. The problem is that some people become too greedy, that those without power cannot enjoy the same things. It’s the high time for us to let go of our materialistic ‘wants’, and do something more valuable.

This doesn’t have to be in form of money or goods. Maybe, you can share your time and teach out of school children. Or, you can help environmental organizations in bringing back the glory of our mother earth. 

If you will look at it, surviving in this world isn’t hard. It is just us, humans, that make it more complex.

It’s time to share!

I’m happy that PeN is working on that same concept of sharing. While we need to be profitable to deliver exemplary services to our PeN Pals, we always find ways to share what we earn. Yes! That’s true. You can earn credits, which you can use to purchase real-world items just by using the app.