We Love Multi-Function Products, Guide for Travellers

I love to travel and I hate carrying a lot of things! That’s why I am always on the lookout for items which have multi-function. Today, I was doing a bit of browsing and saw this post with all the Multi-Function Items You Should Never Travel Without. The post is more than 7 years old, but is still very useful. So, which ones do you need to pack?


I don’t have to explain further how SMART these smartphones are, right? Of course, you can send messages and make calls. You can use it as your clock, your notepad, your movie player and even your reliable map. Just make sure it’s fully charged. Which reminds me of the next thing you have to bring with you whenever you are travelling.

Speaking of smartphone, download an app that lets you do so many things like PeN. 

Universal Charger 

A friend of mine forgot her laptop charger when we travelled to Hong Kong a couple of years ago. Good thing I had my universal laptop charger. Otherwise, she would be missing hundreds of emails.

Credit Card Survival Tool

Such tool has a knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, can opener, 4 position wrench, and saw blade. Now, who’s ready for camping?


Because there are areas where you can’t access clean water to wash your hands! The next best thing is to clean it with wipes.

Spare travel wallet

It’s a wallet (only bigger than the conventional ones) where you can put copies of your travel documents, spare cash, and other cards. Make sure to keep it in a very secure place – like the back of your backpack, or a secret compartment of your luggage.

Rubber bands

You can tie your hair, organize your things, or secure your eyeglasses with your trusty rubber bands.

Zip-lock bags

Keep your leftovers or maybe soiled clothes in Zip-lock bags. At least it won’t stink!

Duct Tape

Because this can solve EVERY DAMN THING!