Making Social More Fun One Feedback At A Time

In the past years several apps that allows users to give feedback to other users  have come and gone, a lot of them are all about providing anonymous feedback, the most infamous being Yik Yak which turned into a platform for cyber/online bullying before it was shutdown. All this apps started with a noble purpose of having users more engaged by providing a fun and exciting way to tell what you feel about another user, however there lies the weakness in both anonymity and unchecked feedback.

Is there a way to keep the good things while avoiding the pit falls of telling other users your opinions and feelings about them?

Surely there is, read on.

PeN says NO! to bullying

Recently, PeN started rolling out its anonymous feedback capability, the main difference from all the other applications doing the same is PeN’s focus on positivity. To avoid bullying there is no way for users to use free text when providing a feedback but choose from pre-defined sets of answers. These sets of answers were carefully vetted to ensure that what ever the user choice is there is always a positive twist to the feedback given to the other user. In PeN there are 3 ways to provide a feedback to a user, this are all designed to be fun, exciting and engaging:

  1. Profile feedback
    Directed to the user where another user can anonymously give a feedback on what they think, their views and opinions of the user’s profile from a pre-defined set of choices.
  2. Choose your friend
    User’s answer questions by choosing a friend from a list of random friends, the chosen friend received the feedback on their profile.
  3. Fun questions
    This are random questions that are shown to users where their answers can be shared to other users and encourage other users to answer the same set of questions.

All feedbacks are meant to be shared to other users and invite other users to participate. By focusing on the positive side of letting others know what you think about them, the component of fun is kept while avoiding the bad things of openly voicing opinion towards others.

Without the possibility of giving negative feedback we can avoid bullying and ensure that are platform remains a safe place for our users, especially for our younger users. In PeN we aim to make this world a bit better place hence the we focus on the positive and fun side of human interaction.





Posted by Ian Vernon

Ian Vernon is the CEO of Dark Matter AB that operates PeN. He consider himself as a student of life with passion for innovation and would like to make the world a better place even in.

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