Senator Emmnauel “Manny” Pacquiao has defied all odds. He is the ultimate life goal to most hardworking Filipinos. He started from the bottom with a noble job as a construction worker and never stopped dreaming since then, just like many Filipinos who would do everything to experience a more comfortable life. Hence, other Filipinos have sought refuge in more developed countries leaving their loved ones behind.

Fresh from his defeat with Australian boxer Jeff Horn in the Battle of Brisbane, being a celebrated champion boxer with a big heart that he is, Manny Pacquiao has proved himself enough that even if he just lost from a critical fight, he can still get praises and love from his fans and constituents. He embodies all the hard-working Filipinos, most especially OFWs, who will do everything for their families and be their country’s pride.

Senator Pacquiao has made efforts to support OFWs all over the globe.  As a public servant, he made sure that he is doing something for his fellow ‘kababayans’ away from home. Here are some of the efforts he’s done that benefits every Overseas Filipino Worker:



Senator Manny Pacquiao is pushing the Senate Bill 192 or the HANDBOOK FOR OFWs ACT OF 2016 to be passed benefitting every OFW anywhere in the world. Having this would be advantageous for them which aims to empower OFWs with knowledge about their rights and responsibilities. The handbook will also tackle pre-employment briefing and seminars conducted by migrant worker agencies, information about their labor and living conditions in their country of choice. This handbook will also include the benefits as well as the drawbacks of working in a different country.

This bill will mandate the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA to have the handbook be distributed to each OFW and is planned to be printed in different translations which are English, Bisaya and Ilocano.



 2. He wants to help all the OFWs with legal cases abroad.

He’s asked all related government agencies to attend a hearing that would ensure a full government support to each OFW under legal distress. Senator Pacquiao aims to catalog all pending legal cases involving OFWs and make sure that their cases are properly addressed and duly supported.

This initiative was inspired by the case of Mary Jane Veloso who was almost sentenced to death in Indonesia.



3. He did his best to be the Chairman on OFW Affairs.

Although he didn’t succeed due to lack of experience and poor attendance in Congress, the thought of doing everything to assist the OFWs in general is something that truly warms the heart. He wanted to maximize assistance and make sure that each OFW will be taken care of in a way that equals their efforts while abroad.


Truly an inspiration, Senator Manny Pacquiao levels up the true essence of being a Filipino Pride! Congratulations, you will always be the people’s champ!