It’s Not About Winning – What I Learned From My Kids’ Competition

Today, my kids joined a speaking competition.

They won. But even if they didn’t, I would still be very proud of them.

For me, it’s the lesson from that experience that made us all winners. Each kid gave their best to reach the final leg of the competition. And that’s more than enough.


For weeks, my kids prepared for the contest. It’s not just about memorizing their piece. They needed to stay away from cold drinks and to sleep early so that their voice will be in its optimum condition. I guess it paid off.


Fear of public speaking is a real struggle. I have seen a number of kids not even trying to step up on stage. I do not take it against them. In fact, I am proud of how the parents handled the situation. Most of them were very supportive and just assured their kids that everything is ok. Perhaps, I am just lucky that my kids are not afraid of performing to a huge crowd. I felt they were scared, but they were able to survive. Again, it was more than enough.


I also felt great when my kids clapped their hands whenever a competitor did well. You can see the sincerity from their actions. They know how to appreciate beauty, even if that means they might lose.

So yes, it might be a simple speaking competition, but you get to learn a lot.

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Posted by Berniz Isla

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