Online Friendship Made Easy

I’d like to know how many of you have over 1000 friends on your Facebook account.

Ever wonder how many of these are your actual real friends in a time of need? At this very moment, I personally have 1,459 friends on my personal Facebook account which probably 75% I don’t even talk to or won’t even bother to start a conversation when I bumped into them. It’s funny that I think about it and realize how social media broaden the meaning of “friendship”.

With PeN App, not only that you can connect to your friends via video/call or instant messaging, there’s this certain feature that will enable you to locate your friends even send SOS to chosen friends. I like how they thought of it and how easy now to get help. You know how adrenaline and panic attacks during emergencies. At least now, there are certain friends you are sure of to help you. You can easily tell another person to just press that send SOS on your PeN App and voila. Easy as 1-2-3!

Be sure to download the PeN Chat today to enjoy these exciting features!


Download it on this link, click / tap and enjoy!

PeN Chat on Google Play

Posted by Charisma Quebral

Working since the planning stage of PeN, Charisma is an artist / marketing gal from the Philippines. She loves to see the beauty of the world through her camera and shares it on social media.

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