This might be the most genius idea ever! A power plant formed in a shape of a cute Panda Bear is built in the City of Datong in Shanxi, China will go full-operational on August 10, 2017. It only proves that being cute is not a hindrance to be functional too! This 248-acres of Panda Power Plant is a 100-megawatt power plant that can supply clean energy to the residents of China with up to 3.2 billion kilowatt per hour in 25 years! Imagine the extent of reduced Carbon Dioxide emission it will result! According to their website, 2.74 million tons on Carbon Dioxide emissions can be eliminated by this effort.

Panda Green Energy Group Limited wants to build a better world. Their effort to build a giant Panda-shaped power plant aims to raise awareness on sustainable development among China’s youth, they said.

As if this wasn’t enough of a good news, Panda Green Energy plans to build more Panda power plants in the next 5 years to make solar power accessible around the world.

Hopefully, more initiatives like this will be successfully launched in the next few years. For the mean time, you may come up with your own personal efforts to help save the environment. No matter how little that is, Mother Earth will appreciate that for sure.

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Posted by Clarisse Javier

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