PeN – Corporate Social Responsibility Through Social Media

PeN would like to use our network and our very own technology in promoting individuals and organizations that are raising awareness or funds for good causes. Every week, we would select eligible candidates from different sources such as Go Fund Me. This will form part of our Corporate Social Responsibility where we would provide free publicity for our chosen individuals and/ or organizations. Our team will run the following but not limited to social media efforts:

  • Link Building by means of sharing through our Facebook and Twitter pages and accounts (These are Sponsored/ Paid Posts)
  • A Blog post in our app’s website
  • A custom – made graphic to be shared on Instagram, Twitter etc.

These efforts aim to increase the good cause’s online visibility to reach the target faster.

If you know anyone who would benefit from this project, please help us in reaching out to them. You may also send us a message here.

One of PeN’s key objectives is to make global communications easier for all people and to help those in need. Hence, we look forward to this initiative. Help us achieve our goals and Let’s Make Miracles HapPeN.

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