A Pen Goes Digital

A Digital Prologue To This App

That November issue of Newsweek sometime early 2000 is one of the covers that struck on my mind. The headline says “Books aren’t dead. (They’re just going digital).

How could someone not forget a headline such that?

I remember the juvenile days of world wide web. People was so amazed of using emails. We get excited of the “you’ve got mail” notification. You consider yourself as one of the cool kids when you have AOL accounts and the like. A decade has passed and what do we have now? We got smartphones which living up the name. They’re so smart they can give you answers to daily dilemmas, put up your social sphere in a click, communicate with people that are miles apart and the list will go on. Your email is overflowing with spams and too tired to unsubscribe to newsletters. Your mp3 player is collecting dust on the corner of your room. Everything is a single click away on your smartphone.

So where am I going with this article?

What I’m trying to say is that it’s not only the gadgets that has evolved. We, humans, basically evolved the same way too. I’m not sure if we evolved at the same time but what I’m sure is that our lives depend on these technologies.

Smartphone have gone a long way to help us ease our daily living but still it is innate to us that we strive to look for something better. What can we possibly add or improve? Using our smartphones, we tend to find the best apps that we think satisfied our needs or complement our lifestyle. The basics are calls, messaging, connectivity and social sphere. This is why PeN was born (you can download the app here). In case you just happened to browse this blog, the url name above is an app that has all the basics that were mentioned.

The name as suggested has a variety of metaphor (and probably literal too) meanings. I could give you tons but let’s just stick to the easy part. We are so busy we forgot that a paper and pen were once powerful tools that helped us during our early days. Thus, what better way can we call this innovative app.

Switch app no more. You get to call and send messages to your family and friends. Plan your itinerary by checking out places and activities. Write something on your feed and let everyone know about it. It’s basically a pen that went digital.

Posted by Charisma Quebral

Working since the planning stage of PeN, Charisma is an artist / marketing gal from the Philippines. She loves to see the beauty of the world through her camera and shares it on social media.

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