PeN’s Top 10 Beauty-and-the-Beast Most Unlikely Celebrity Pairs

We’d like to welcome our PeN Pals to another countdown, one that is part of our much-delayed Beauty and the Beast hang-over. The figures speak for themselves about the movie’s commercial and critical success and as a tribute to the pair which launched a thousand (and more) box office sales, we are rounding-up popular couples considered as odd matches according to celebrity-land’s standards of physical beauty.

Just to set it straight first and foremost, with this PeN list , we’re not trying to defame anyone by saying that he or she is physically inferior, beauty-wise, to their partners. PeN still believes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what might be considered unconventional or strange to some might be the very apple of the eyes of the others.

And so with that, let’s see for ourselves how these ten seemingly mismatched couples, from Hollywood to Bollywood, proved to the world how love can indeed be blind, Beauty-and-the-Beast style.

 Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett


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She’s Hollywood’s “Pretty Woman” and “America’s Sweetheart” with the dazzling smile while he is a country Western music singer with the weird hair. The media literally dubbed them “beauty and the beast” when they started their romance after working together for the film The Player in 1993. Their respective careers got in the way however and their marriage lasted for only 21 months although they remained amicable towards each other.

Anna Nicole Smith and James Howard Marshall

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She was a voluptuous model with a Playboy Playmate of the Year title under her belt while he was an octogenarian mega-millionaire oil business tycoon. They were quite a controversial pair and their 1994 marriage was a subject of much tabloid-show scrutiny, not only because of their outrageous age gap (she was 26 and he was 89) but also because of speculations of her possible gold-digging motives. It was an awkward pairing in all aspects, one that ended with his death thirteen months after the wedding.

Charlize Theron and Eric Stonestreet

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She’s an Academy-award-winning white South African beauty while he is a star of hit American TV comedy series Modern Family. The website Maxblognow considers them the “biggest mismatch in visual history”. They were an item back in 2012, a rumor he jokingly claimed he didn’t like as he said it made Halle Berry “jealous”. Sense of humor indeed is a surefire way to a woman’s heart.

Tulip Joshi and Captain Vinod Nair

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She is a lovely Indian model- actress who appeared in such films as Matrubhoomi, Dhoka, and Super while he is a life coach and author with the novel Pride of Lions among his credentials. On to the first of our Bollywood representatives on this list, they may not be exactly tagged as a model pair but they’ve been happily living together for quite some time now and that’ s what really matters.

Beyonce and Jay Z

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She is the triple-threat goddess of R&B while he is a hip-hop music mogul. Together, they are a force to reckon with as American music industry’s undisputed power couple. Their collaboration on the 2002 hit Bonnie and Clyde marked the beginning of their professional and personal partnership. They’re still crazy in love with each other after nine years of marriage with one child, and two more coming soon!

Vindu Dara Singh and Dina Umarova 

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He is an Indian film actor and reality TV personality while she is a Russian model with head-turner looks. In this couple’s case, some would consider him as maybe not too bad-looking; it’s just that, standing  beside his wife’s overpowering gorgeousness , people might have put a lot more expectation on him and found him wanting. The pair’s more than 10-year union produced a daughter.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

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She is among Hollywood’s Oscar-trophy-carrying A-listers while he is a motorcycle customizer with his own TV reality show. From the onset of the relationship, some were hesitant with the pairing, as her girl-next-door image which has endeared her to romantic-comedy film fans didn’t quite sit well with his bad-boy, tattooed-biker persona. And sadly, they were right. The pair’s 2005 marriage ended in 2010 amid cheating scandal accusations which he admitted to and apologized for.

Kim Sharma and Ali Punjani

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She is a glamorous VJ and actress in India while he is a Kenya-based Indian businessman. Their 2010 wedding in Mombasa, Kenya surprised most of the Indian press as the couple was reported to have tied the knot just within a week of dating each other, not to mention how contrasting they are looks and style-wise. She eventually led a life away from the spotlight, concentrating on business with her husband, although reports of breakup are currently surfacing among India’s showbiz news websites.

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green

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She is Hollywood’s cute and feisty wild child while he is a funnyman with his own MTV show.  Next to her, he reminds us too much of the class nerd with the hopeless crush to the campus it-girl. But such high school fantasies come true in the case of this pair who met on the set of the film Charlie’s Angels, fell in love, and got hitched, although their July 2001 marriage didn’t survive and make it even at least until Christmas of that year.

Simone Singh and Fahad Samar

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She is one of India’s more prominent actresses acclaimed for her TV and movie roles while he is a successful filmmaker, essayist and social commentator whose debut novel Scandal Point, a satire on Bollywood high society, was appropriately dedicated to her. This is one pair bound by their mutual passion for literature, proving that a couple who reads together, stays together.


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Whether these notoriously unexpected couplings were because of extreme age gaps, mismatch of appearance, or just unlucky pairings, the lives of these odd celebrity pairs continue to intrigue, inspire and make their audience speculate.  We rejoice with every love-conquers-all story and cringe with every divorce and breakup news. We know that a happy ending like that of Beauty and the Beast might be a tall order nowadays but still, we can’t help but wish and root for it.

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