PeN’s Top 10 Summer Hits to Beat the Heat: A PeN Playlist Special Edition

Summer is double the fun here at PeN Playlist as we give you not just five but 10 songs that should be included in your summer playlist. From classics to current, country to club, we collected the hits for your listening pleasure.  So pack your bags, don’t forget your sunscreens and other essentials and let’s take the road to our summer destinations with these summer-themed tracks in the background.

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  1. Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff (1991)

Nothing beats old-school hip-hop to remind us of that feel-good summer air that comes with family reunions and backyard barbecues. This much beloved throwback hit takes its rift from another more previous summer anthem, Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang.

  1. Summertime of Our Lives by A1 (1999)

This upbeat party-starter boyband number is all about sunshine and cotton-candies and the sheer thrill and innocence of first love. Accented with cascades of Spanish guitar, this track makes you want to hop in and sail away to your most fantasized tropical paradise escapade where “there’s a boy for every girl.”

  1. Summer Girls by LFO (1999)

In comes the Lyte Funkie Ones with such a laidback track putting the chill to the sizzling summer heat. The kind of song you would probably listen to or play while lazily hanging out in the beach parking lot ogling passing bikini-clad ladies, this song is the very definition of a summer fling.

  1. Summer Sunshine by The Corrs (2004)

Never mind that it actually sings about longing for someone but this song is packed with such wholesome spunk and enough get-up-your-ass-and-let’s-get-going punch to make it the perfect summer road song. Notice how One Direction borrowed this song’s intro for What Makes You Beautiful.

  1. Summer Breeze by Seals & Croft (1972)

And to put a more spiritual spin to your summer experience, this classic paints a picture of the good life, coming home to the one you love, sitting by the porch in the evening feeling all so right and all those picket-fence stuff. Versions by the Isley Brothers and Jason Mraz are just as download-worthy.

  1. Summer by Cassadee Pope (2016)

A topless, sunbathing Cassadee Pope singing about tan lines fading on her sun-kissed skin.. could anything get any more hotter than that? This music video clearly puts the sexy in country while the song reminds you of that pure, wild-child, no-care-in-the-world romance you had one summer in your life.

  1. Cold Summer Nights by Francis M (1990)

This is late Pinoy rapper Francis M’s contribution to the world summer anthems repertoire. The song’s protagonist tries to woo and win back his girl love, proving that yes, a cold side of summer also exists. Still, it’s hard to resist not slow-dancing to this song, a staple piece in lyrical hip-hop performances.

  1. Long Hot Summer by Girls Aloud (2005)

This summer music number can be summed up in three words – Ooh la la.. The token girl group song in this list, this track is sassy and smokin’ hot it makes you want to crave for a “cool lemonade”. It’s the kind of song you’ll imagine playing while the neighborhood girls broke into a playful carwash water fight.

  1. Single for the Summer by Sam Hunt (2016)

The eligible bachelor’s anthem, summer presents such a dilemma to the guy in this song. There seems to be one woman he’s yearning for and remembers loving very much yet he’s drowned to summer’s freedom and flurry of girls. Somber and confessional, this song is a hit as a lot can easily identify to it.

  1. Summer by Calvin Harris (2014)

The kind you would dance to barefoot in a beachside open bar party, this track is bursting with an irresistible and electric techno-trance energy with beats that can ring in your ears throughout the rest of your all-night summer rave.

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