Personalized Artificial Intelligence

Previously, I have discussed how we design AI to be fun, useful and friendly. (Which you can read here)

These AI use voice as main interaction medium; such AI also function human personalities so they feel more human-like when they interact with users.

Which got me thinking:  “Why not go a step further and have personalized AI to cater your specific needs?”

This step towards the future of AI was discussed during a discussion in Helsingborg with fellow entrepreneurs, investors and tech gurus after I demonstrated what PeNelope’s voice interaction can do.

One of the challenges with Alexa today or even with PeNelope is how to interact with voice much faster. One common drawback with ‘Voice’ is ‘Search’. Search results are often presented better and faster on a screen.

Another is ‘News’, considering that news is general and users tend to be bias to certain news that they prefer. Taking the route of voice interaction with AI, the way to solve this drawback is to present personalized and curated content and information to the user.

By creating an AI to learn more about the user’s preference and presenting a curated information based on user preference, the delivery of information will be much faster filtering out all the noise.

Just like looking on screen results but focusing on the topics important to you as a user. The challenge of course is that by doing so, is also like creating a tailored AI for every human user for every topic or preference.

This personalization challenge can be solved with proper implementation.

The greater question is, “Is voice-only interface the way forward for a useful and friendly AI?”

In PeN, we believe that AI interaction should be in multiple forms , platforms and form factors.

Today, PeN’s form factor for our AI’s are mobile phone hence the benefit of both voice and visual graphics. Tomorrow, that form factor can be purely voice or just sensors.

PeNelope is always ready to chat with you 24/7 with its voice recognition feature too.

What ever the form factor is, we will be designing it as friendly and as useful as possible for our users.

And by the way, this curated and personalized results are already available in PeN.

Posted by Ian Vernon

Ian Vernon is the CEO of Dark Matter AB that operates PeN. He consider himself as a student of life with passion for innovation and would like to make the world a better place even in.

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